How parents and kids can spend quality time together?

kids and parents together

Time spending between parents and kids is the essential part it enables them to develop a strong bonding. Job culture has changed and the maximum indulgence is towards our work which has lessened the time spending with our kids. Spending quality time with kids may not be an easy task few find it boring while few do not have the patience to deal with kids. First, it is important to make up your mind to spend quality time not the maximum.

Few of the best ways to spend a good time together are:

Connect with your kids: Technology has been a great drawback in connection,  it may be to any kind of relation.   But in cases of your own kids, it is necessary to keep technology aside so that they connect to you and not the technology. Video games or mobile phones are never the best way to connect with your kids if they are under 10 years of age. In order to understand kids talk to them, it may or may not make sense but speaking to them increases their confidence.  They start understanding their parents and parents begin to know about their kids.

parents and kids hugs

Kids love to hug and it is important for both mother and father to respond to their hugs.  See you will feel the love and pleasure of parenthood in parents and kids relationship.

Playing: Wrestling with kids is the best way for fathers to play and fight with the kids. Sometime you will win and sometimes let them win. The kids get energized and connected with the sweet and bitter wrestling. Mothers may not be able to get down into fine wrestling games but the hide and seek games are enjoyed by all age groups of children. Being a kid you will have to accompany them while they grow up children enjoy within their friends.

Playing with pillows building obstacles with the pillows and throwing pillows at them children enjoy it.

Dance party: The dance party is the best thing that parents can do. Kids love music and so you can spend hours dancing with the kids. Music and rhymes are always the favorites of the kids,  they will enjoy learning and playing together, another simple way to built a strong parents and kids relationship.

Share snacks: Sharing snacks is also the best way to spend quality time with them.  So if you want your kids to eat food or snacks it is necessary that parents never say no or yikes to their foods or snacks. Often kids grow snobby and do not like to have all kinds of foods. Lack of nutrition may take place due to the negligence of proper kids’ diet. So, joining your kids in eating and sharing foods and snacks will enable you to build their interest in eating food. Kids will learn to share also!

pareants and kids sharing food

To be quiet together: As much as playing is important together, parents and kids together should also learn to stay keep quiet together. This will help kids to learn to be quiet and develop the peace of mind,  simply sit together watching television or sitting in the verandah looking at distant places.  Looking at the distant place will enable to improve the visions of the kids.

Sometimes the things may be silly to you but these things can develop an amazing relationship between kids and parents

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