How much staying indoors Harming Kid’s Mental Health?

kid's mental health

Pandemic Covid-19 has drawn a barrier line of hesitation and fear that has detached the kids from normal life increasing to affect kid’s mental health. Not only the outdoor games but enjoying and experiencing the benefits of the environment, greeneries, and fresh air have now limited to air purifiers and the sunlight from the windows.

Playing in the open fields with great excess to the greeneries is no longer available but playgrounds of their schools had solved problems to some extent.

But due to the sudden lockdown and quarantine period, it was the time when kids are totally separated from the outside world focusing on smartphones and televisions. Greeneries, of plants, trees are crucial for distant eye visions, due to the Covid-19, hardly kids are restricted and isolated to run around their lawns or at the roof of the houses.  Totally disconnected from the outer world. So, all possible entertainment for the mental and physical health of the kids is entirely hindered when they are at home.

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Sudden detachment from school

In the new generation, the increase of nuclear families builds the interest of the children to be more connected to their schools. Not only for a single reason, but that was also once established for only education. Day boarding or day scholars and hostels are the sections in which the students are prone to be connected to different activities and friends. Perhaps they are no longer affected by boredom. Boredom arises when a kid has to always be consistent but without excitement and encouragement. As it is already known to us that brains are exhausted with continuous studies but scoring high, is another intention that keeps them involved.

But a sudden detachment from the school has pulled out a greater part from their life. Studies have begun with online classes perhaps the fun shared studying together. Playing games and sharing tiffin boxes, occupied with their own time, own way of living, and doing better somehow or other, has been snatched due to the pandemic.

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The single child of working parents

Families with two kids though had a better time as they had a company to one another. Working parents who always have been finding it difficult to provide the best environment for their single child though contributed during the lockdown. Assuming a hard time, when the child had to be left alone after parents started working from home or moving back to work or office.

In such families, the parents can feel the depression causing issues to the kid’s mental health. In order to provide relief from the monotonous, stagnant life, parents have initiated to start with online classes apart from their regular school’s online classes. Still, their regular and own space of life is found to be still hindered which is the greater disheartening part of the pandemic.

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No team or companion work

Human nature has the tendency to stay connected with similar minded people; responses to thinking alike and have some common things to share. Nothing different can we expect from the kids, so this is another thing that they started missing in the pandemic. Discussing, talking, playing, team games, interschool participation, complete exposure of the kids have entirely stopped.

This pandemic has stopped the kids from thinking high, they are unsure about tomorrow, not confident about whatever they are doing; above all kid’s mental health of all ages is hampered severely apart from the parents.


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