Utha Taanpura Bidhoo! Ab Aur Kuch Na Bol! Salman Raag Will Move Your Soul!

This is a light leg-puller on AIB’s latest creation, the Salman Raag, which they pulled out of all Salman’s tweets and made them into a full-fledged Hindustani raag of the sorts. Let us have a look.

This is the feeling of ecstasy!

The ultimate nirvana!

The “Soul Meets the Ultimate Music of Life” kinda sensation!

Seriously folks! I was so hopeless and looking for some serious entertainment surfing through web world when I bumped into this! It REJUVENATED my senses.

Brought me back to life and made me believe in humanity….. errrr… Raag-ity!

Forget BEING HUMAN, I am a firm follower of “BEING RAAG” from now on!

I promise! I take a Vow on this!

And who else could give this mantra other than AIB – All India Bakchod!

These guys should be awarded NO-BELL PRIZE for ringing this stupendous bell and making the Tweeting World go Ga Ga over this Raaga!

Sallu Bhai’s random tweets could create life altering music, who could think in their wildest dreams, but AIB. All the tweets by Ustaad Salman Khan reserved on his Twitter account, just like some ancient manuscript, have been discovered by these geniuses and they brought them to life through a parody raag.

And guess what, they have boldly announced this as the” Path to Nirvana” to the entire world in the description to this video, they said “We believe it holds the answers to the universe”.

Of course yes! Who else could bring the answers to the entire questionnaire that the planet is looking for, but a tweet-reincarnated-raag by AIB!

Pandit Bhai, as they devotedly called the creator of these supreme tweets, is the new age inevitable guru who has suddenly started meaning profound. “Raag Salman is a raag comprising of songs made up solely of Pandit Bhai’s tweets. “What happens when the unstoppable means the profound?” they wonder. 

Achcha, do you know that the devoted followers of Pandit Bhai’s tweets solemnly and religiously retweet them to spread the divine word, far and across.  Not for nothing his tweets earn thousands of retweets in mere seconds of receiving his word on Twitter! They have perfected the Emotion of Reverence, truly!

Now, while I leave you all to watch the video and dwell in the “Music of Life’ to attain Eternal Peace, I get my chunk by retweeting Pandit Bhai’s latest tweet.

Well this is going to be my 102,628,649th retweet for today!

Watch the video and say thanks to me!

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