How Junk Food is Making Your Body A “Junk”?


Keep that Burger Off or else I’ll stop giving you the pocket money”!

Most of us would have heard this from our screaming moms since childhood.

The fast food we eat today limitlessly has clutched our fitness. It is impossible for us to resist eating them knowing the fact that they are really harmful for us. But, what if we say, “don’t stop yourself from eating junk!” Wondering!!! Stick around to know more.

Andre F. Smith in his book, Encyclopedia of Junk Food and Fast Food defines junk food as, “those commercial products, including candy, bakery goods, ice cream, salty snacks, and soft drinks, which have little or no nutritional value but do have plenty of calories, salt, and fats. Fast foods are ready-to-eat foods served promptly after ordering.”

Undoubtedly, fast food has greatly impacted our eating habits. We do eat green vegetables and fruits, but as ‘stuffing’on the fast food, such as capsicum and mushrooms in Pizzas, strawberries in cakes or puddings, tomatoes and peas in chats or PavBhaji, etc. which becomes “zero” in their nutrient value after being processed.

Come on! We all are aware of the mess these fast foods create in our body.

They are truly a burden on our life.

A respiratory disorder named “popcorn lung” exploded in the workers at a popcorn factory in the late ’90s. It was caused by inhaling diacetyl – a chemical used to give bagged popcorn a buttery flavor. In 2007, an American popcorn addict Wayne Watson litigated the manufacturers after he developed popcorn lung.

So, just to remind you, here is a quick glimpse of the ill-effects of eating junk on our life.

  • Adding inches to your waistline, increasing fat on your body.
  • Eating junk food continuously for just 5 days can deteriorate your memory.
  • Excess consumption of trans-fat may lessen the brain’s ability to control appetite and can cause hypothalamus.
  • What’s bad for your waist is also bad for your face”. Eating processed food can cause you to undergo BOTOX very early to treat premature aging signs like wrinkles.
  • Just one slice of pizza makes you consume 275 calories and contains 22 percent of your daily saturated fat.
  • Food rich in saturated fat can cause you digestion problems for lifetime.
  • Regular Mood Swings, fatigue and depression are also the resultants of excess processed food intake. 

The list of harmful effects of eating fast food or processed food does not end here! 

But here’s something ‘delicious’ for you.What if we ask you to eat JUNK without any worries? Yes. Here are a few swaps for you to satisfy your fast food cravings without compromising your fitness. Have a look. 

  • If you love munching, crack the Peanuts and munch as much you want!Peanuts are rich in protein and fiber. And good news is that these can help you in fit back into your favorite jeans. But avoid taking salted peanuts.
  • For the ‘chaat’ and ‘bhelpuri’ lovers, sprinkle a little of that same chat masala lemon and pepper powder on your fav fruits you’ll forget the taste of those harmful street food.
  • If you’re candy lover, counter your craving with dried fruit alternatives, such as apricots or dates. Try twisting their taste as per your liking and enjoy crunchy- munchy pastime full of fiber and minerals like potassium.
  • Instead of apple-pie or apple pudding, try baked apples. Just bake an apple and top it with a spoonful of yoghurt and sprinkle a little cinnamon. Enjoy the same pie taste without the fatty butter.
  • Avoid eating 2-min or microwave popcorns from now. Try your own organic popped stove corns from now! Popcorns can be a vegetable if you take it sans extra toppings!
  • Instead of French “Fires” start taking baked potato fries at home. Quick to cook, tasty to eat and fresh to health. Sweet potatoes contain less bad fat and provide beta-carotene.
  • To fizzle out your soda cravings, switch to a glass of water with a touch of lemon.You’ll enjoy a glass high in vitamin C and flavonoids to keep you fresh and disease-free.

So, what’s your favorite FAST FOOD now???

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