You Should Not Eat These Fruits in Case If You Are Dieting

High calories fruits

High calories fruits РDieting is very difficult for those who live for eating, foodies so to speak.

But what their jeans pull a royal ditch on them and refuse to fit, they embark on bizarre diets and end up as an unhealthy looking, dark-circle borne person. Crash diets are never advisable for those who are looking to lose weight in a healthy way and nutritionists always vouch for healthy eating. It is said that if you lose 4-5 kilos in 3 months, you are going in the right lines. Chances are, if you lose weight rapidly, you will gain it as rapidly too.

Also, to your further bafflement, there are various diet myths that surface on the internet everyday and you tend to lose track. There are pages that would ask you to survive on only fruits which makes no sense because fruits also contain calories that we are quite not privy of.

We will tell you the names of some fruits that are high on calories and while you switch from your junks-borne eating habits to healthy eating, you definitely should steer clear of these fruits because we only tend to take them by their face value but they aren’t what just meets the eye and believed to be by a long chalk. These fruits in question contain calories so even if you accompany them with your diet, rest assured that you are gaining calories in the same manner as you would from eating wafers. No matter how delicious, fresh or sweet they taste, you have to keep them aside for at least a few months to optimize the results of your planned diet.

If you visit any dietitian to seek his approval on the said thing, he would echo with us because those fruits are of no good to your health.

High calories fruits –

1 – Bananas:

There are some people who go bananas over bananas but there is no reason they have to. It is a master in clearing constipation but likewise, it is high on calories too. It contains a lot of carbs and 93 percent of its calories come fro the carbohydrates that it holds. In case if you want to reap the benefit of bananas, you must eat unripe ones because when ripe the carbs turn into sugar.

2 – Mangoes:

Mangoes beat other fruits in sugar. One cup of mangoes contain 100 calories at the most which is why the sweet taste happens. If you are trying to lose weight, run if anyone offers you mangoes. Just.

3 – Cherries:

The lazy people love cherries because you don’t need to peel them before eating. But many of us didn’t know that one cup of cherries contain 17.7 grams of sugar which is very harmful for people who are diabetic.

4 – Coconut:

You didn’t see this coming, but sadly yes. We all love coconut for the aroma and many South Indian dishes are incomplete without it but sadly, coconut is vile for the dieters because a single coconut contains whopping 284 calories, 224 comes from the fat content itself. This makes it the fattiest fruit in the block.

5 – Grapes:

No, lazy bums, you can’t eat grapes too. We know, that it is easy to pop into your mouth but you don’t one cup of grapes contain 27 grams of carbs.

These are High calories fruits – Give these fruits a royal ditch if you are looking to lose weight. No cheating!

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