Here’s Why Women Can Brag About Sex But Men Can’t

Bragging about sex dates back to the time of sex’s origin probably. We are always driven towards sharing our stories about new sex positions we have tried last night, of course to a closest pal. We also derive pride from telling our enduring capacity. You will see boys bragging about their last one night stand and hooking up with the hottest women around a lot. They will be seen sharing tips over how they made the cut. But then, there is a thin line between sounding fun and cheesy. Women, on the contrary, will be seen getting away with laughing about a blowjob-gone-bad. That’s the way it rolls.

In short, sex brags are perpetuating and omnipresent since time immemorial. Talking about sex is fun and sassy to everyone, regardless of gender. But we side eye a man a lot and he goes under character examination if he brags about sex a lot and obviously, that doesn’t extend to women. No body likes a man to peacock about his sex life because it gives us creeps!

We will here justify men talking about sex antagonizing with what the headline suggests. We rather find them to be poor chaps who have weigh the situation a lot before baring his heart. Come on, admit it, talking about sex is fairly rejuvenating and the locker-room conversations about how desperately a man wants to get laid spell fresh life in his confidence. It’s really frustrating for a man who has high sex drive to not talk about sex at all, or forced to shy away from talking about it. ‘A male virgin’ is a punchline in itself and their dismal sex lives will be a laughing stock to people more often than not.

Women, in the same light are judged way too much to talk about their sex lives. Even there are memes likening pussies with roast beef shaming the women who are unapologetic about having high sex drive. Roast beef because men feel that having too much sex makes women loose down there. Does it really seem slutty for a woman to have sex with multiple men? that question is a soaring one. To some of us though, it is really refreshing to hear a woman talking nonchalantly about her crazy and superfun sex life. It gives always a guilty pleasure to go against the norms, to tell you.

But then, men sometimes go overboard while bragging about their sex lives too. For example, they would tell you in a weekend party that they have banged a woman who was a cross between Emma Roberts and Emma Stone. Or they will also brag about banging those Victoria’s Secret supermodel wannabes. We buy those lies with straight face because men are too exhausted with their daily toils and if not sex, spinning a yarn about it rids them of the professional fatigue. Probably, men lie in order to look good but there should be a line drawn in the sand.





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