Say Goodbye To MS Office Products!

Alternatives To MS Office Products – Microsoft office is undoubtedly powerful, convenient to use, and user-friendly. But, they come for a hefty price. We discuss a few alternatives to these products, most of which come for free!

Microsoft has undoubtedly created a niche for itself.

Majority PC and laptop users blindly buy products from the company. They do not even look for alternatives to MS products and simply pay the hefty price the company demands.

Undeniably, the products from the house of Microsoft are extremely powerful and equally popular.

However, there is a host of other office suites that are giving competition to MS.

The most alluring factor is that most of these come for free! The notable alternate office software suites include Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, NeoOffice, Google Docs, KOffice, and more.

The popular products of Microsoft include MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint.

We explore the competitors of these products. 

MS Word:

Google Docs is the best substitute for MS Word. This free web app is perfect for creation of simple documents. It also lets the user save the document in PDF format. However, it lacks the advanced features of Word, but it still fulfils requirements of basic users. The other alternatives for MS Word include LibreOffice Writer, OpenOffice Writer, Microsoft Word Online,Microsoft Word Online, and more.

MS Excel:

Google Docs takes the first spot here too. It is the toughest competitor to MS Excel. This spreadsheet needs an internet connection and is apt for basic activities, such as, data-entry. With decent Data Validation capabilities, it supports basic formatting tools and formulas. The other alternatives for MS Excel include OpenOffice.org, Zoho Sheet, and Excel Web App.

MS PowerPoint:  

This product from MS is popular for creation of slides, slideshows, and presentations. Google Docs Presentation is the preferred choice after the MS product. It offers an array of features, including options to change the theme & background, to import slides, to insert images, videos, & boxes, and more. The other alternatives to MS PowerPoint include SlideRocket, 280 Slides, Prezi, Kingsoft Presentation, Pixxa Perspective, PowToon, Keynote, Prezentit, and more.

Hence, unquestionably, the biggest competitor of the Microsoft products is the software created by Google. The principal advantage of Google Docs is that the user can effortlessly share the web-based app and multiple users can work on it simultaneously!

However, this great feature from Google has not helped it to outshine Microsoft. Though, among the free software, it is undoubtedly the leader today and other products are unable to stand at par with it.

If you wish to save money, then say goodbye to the pricey MS products and adopt the applications mentioned above!

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