Workplace Productivity Lessons To Learn From Inferior Species

We take you on a tour to know about things we could learn from the inferior species and implement it at our workplace.

As a kid, I’ve always hated ants. But, growing up I realized that there is something about them, that keeps them going. Maybe, you’d disagree with me, but ants definitely teach you to increase productivity while at work. So, we take you on a tour to know about things we could learn from the inferior species and implement it at our workplace.


If you take an example of any successful person around you, you’ll know what defnite characteristic is required to be there. Focus. Focus on one thing at a time. Unlike us, ants do not possess the quality of multi tasking. But focussing on one thing at a time, no mateer how smal it is, and giving something your undivided attention, always leads to a big achievement. Don’t you agree?

Nothing better than Teamwork

Somebody’s said it right- United we stand, divided we fall. What better example other than the untiy of ants. Building and nurturing a team at work, will not only enhance your skills but also increase your productivity. Co operation and collaboration is equally required if you’re a team sport.

Concise communication

Be sure to clearly express to, people who play a critical role in your project or job, things you want them to know. It is always better to communicate things, rather than assuming them. You need to be clear about what you’re working on. I haven’t researched on this one, but something tells me that the communication between ants is a two way process.


You must have observed that ants always keep things stocked. The best part about setting a target is that you know you have to get things done, anyhow, in that period. We however can’t deny that our deadlines aren’t really deadlines, as they keep extending. If conciously defined, these deadlines could be a major step towards your success.

Failure is not a big deal

They fall and stand, and fall and stand, but this does not stop them for acheiving their goal. This is one of the most important lessons we get to learn from them. Failure is as much a part of your life, as your job is. It makes you familiar with your weaknesses and hence, teaches you how to overcome them.

Humans, the supreme of all the race never really care to look at the inferior races. But if we do, we could learn and implement a lot of their qualities.

Don’t you think?

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