10 Habits Which Increase Your Age And Make You Look Older

Habits that make you look older

Habits that make you look older – Everyone loves to look ‘young’. So do you! However, if you insist on adhering to certain habits, you are not going to get your wish.

Habits that make you look older –

1 – No slouching, please!

Come on, your spine is already curved into a natural and well balanced “S”. Adopt a hunched posture and your bones, disks and muscles will be going ‘ooh, aah, ouch’ all the time!

2 – Stop gorging on processed foods, fried stuff, etc.

They result in chronic inflammation. In turn, your skin folds up into tiny and ugly wrinkles.

3 – Say goodbye to your sugar tooth!

It causes glycation, wherein sugar molecules bond with protein fibres in your bodily cells. The results are dark circles under your eyes, wrinkles, puffiness, enhanced pores and loss of skin tone.

4 – Unhealthy fats are bound to destroy your skin.

Pamper your skin with omega-3 fatty acids (found in nuts, fish, etc). It will remain slightly plump, supple and soft.

5 – Throw cigarettes and alcohol out of your life forever.

Depriving your cells of necessary oxygen just because you are too weak to say “No” will make you prone to diseases.

6 – Hello, couch potato!

If you refuse to engage in moderate exercise, you will soon grow as big as the couch itself! Come on, walk, run or do something that you like!

7 – The superman or superwoman multitasks.

Think about it. There is only so much your body can take in a day, a week or a month.

8 – Interference with sleeping patterns.

Your brain needs its eight hours of sleep, if it has to ‘work’ the next day.

9 – Stressed out!

What do you expect, if you persist in being a workaholic and refuse to let your hair down once in a while? Smile, relax and welcome every moment with enjoyment.

10 – Covering with excess makeup.

Have pity on your skin, for it needs to breathe too! Do not smother it under layers of makeup. In your eagerness to cover signs of aging, you will end up looking even more aged!

These are the Habits that make you look older – Do make up your mind to change. Be the charismatic personality you always wanted to be.

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