Gym Or Yoga : How To Decide Which One Is Better For You !

Gym or Yoga

Most of are really confused between what to do: Gym or Yoga?

Frankly, nobody can decide which is better, Gym or Yoga. Actually, it depends on person to person and their health preferences.

Both have their own benefits and drawbacks.

So, you have to decide yourself which is a better one and is better for you.

Here are some points on which you can decide Gym or Yoga :

Gym or Yoga –

1 – Health Expectations

Flexibility and body toning is something you expect from doing yoga. On the other hand, Gym is expected to give you muscular body and muscle strength.

Gym or Yoga

2 – Mental Health

Here yoga got an edge over gym because yoga also includes mind and spirit along with the body. There is nothing much you can do for your mind in a gym. It just includes your physical aspect.

Gym or Yoga

3 – Economical

You just need a Yoga mat to do yoga but the gym is more costly because it requires equipment. Moreover, you can do yoga when you are away from your home. You just need a little space to do some quick yoga. Gyms are not available that easily.

Gym or Yoga

4 – Weight loss

We lose weight through cardiovascular activities that we do which include running, cardio, aerobics, walking, jogging, cycling, rope skipping, dancing and swimming. The gym includes more cardiovascular activities than yoga, so in this scenario, gym got a plus point.

Gym or Yoga

5 – Flexibility

Yoga definitely makes you lean and flexible but gym can cause your muscles to bulk up. That can make you look strong but you might lose your flexibility in this whole process.

Gym or Yoga

6 – Body Ache

Yoga is kinder to your body it eases your muscles which can ease your pain. Gym is a little painful for your body. Despite these differences, there is one similarity and that is, if you do either of them wrong you can get injured.

Gym or Yoga

7 – Hunger Factor

Gym makes you feel tired and hungry that can result in overeating. On the contrary, yoga can improve your digestion and it does not make you feel hungry. You can eat normally while doing yoga.

Gym or Yoga

In the end, it is still very confusing which one is better. you decide what is better for you, Gym Or Yoga. Although, yoga seems slightly better but no one can deny the fact that gym is also important to the life. In this case, you can make a healthy schedule where you can balance your gym and yoga routine. You can also combine three-four cardio sessions with two-three yoga sessions.

Still, the best advice would be to consult an expert about it. The last thing, do your yoga and gym under the supervision of an expert.

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