How To Get Rid Of Bully Hostel Mate


So you are living in a college hostel far from your home and facing very embarrassing situation there due to some bullied hostel mate.

They are scolding you, saying slangs, making fun out of you to make you angry. You cannot handle those bullied hostel mates. You have tried every possible failed complains to Hostel Superintendent and Principal of your college.

If you lose your hope and living in depression, then the tips of this article may help you.

You can get rid of this bully hostel mate by changing your character & attitude a little and grow little stronger emotionally.

Control Your Emotion:

You cannot control others, but you can control yourself. Your emotion is the fuel to their interest of bulling you. Your anger is their strength. Be Proactive not Reactive, When You react and response to their teasing behavior at you, you look fool as like comedian. They are enjoying the situation except you. There is very simple solution to this problem. Next time when they tease you and try to make you angry you just don’t react. When you proactive to their action and agreed to their superiority they become hopeless.  When they make fun out of you publicly, you hold your nerve, take a deep breath and join to their party. You make twice fun of you compare to them and laugh at you with them.

When you will do this you see the miracle result. They turn to your to your side and try to make you relax. The fun they were getting from your angry and foolish objections will suddenly stop. That force them to make statement opposite to you and that is your side too. Use this technique; you can counter any bullied with this process if the bullied people are not criminal.

Change your attitude:

You must be a simple and innocent type guy who loves to be silent always. This character helps the bully to make you their next victim. Change yourself a little. Learn to give funny and entertaining answer to them. Talk little louder then you usually talk. Increase the depth and tune of your tone. Always dressed good, look good, smell good and be neat & clean. That will boost your confident. Keep your head high, chin high and look straight in the eyes. Walk little faster, stand tall, sit comfortably and take as more space as you can of your surroundings. Be bold and brave a little. Be courageous. Courage is something that doesn’t mean the absence of fear, it mean act with the fear. So you should counter and play the mental game with your bully hostel mate boldly in-spite of fear.

The bully is remaining bully until no physical abusing takes place. After that he/she is not a bully, he/she becomes a criminal and draws the interest of Police to interfere in the matter. Verbal Abusing may also fetch police interest as long as bully’s victim keeps patience and self control.

By the way legal action should be your last option.

You try the best and let the police to do the rest if there is anything left after your humble actions.

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