10 Gym Hairstyles To Work Out In Style!

Gym Hairstyles – If there is any time that you don’t want your hair fringes to fall on your face and poke you – it could be just the workout sessions at the gym. Everyone hitting the gym would like their hair being at place without bothering much.

For all the buddies that wanna look stylish even during the workout sessions at gym, here are some hairstyles that best suits the need.

Check the Gym Hairstyles that will make you rock at the gym in style.

Gym Hairstyles –

1 – The messy bun

The ohh so-trendy and very simple hairdo. Deepika Padukone is seen hitting the gym with messy bun. This can simply, be done by wrapping all the hair together and pinning firmly on to the top of the head with some bobby pins. The best deal,  if you really wish stop even a single strand of hair bothering you during the gym.

Gym Hairstyles

2 – Braided bun

Of course, braid is a best option. But still you can opt for braided bun too. Braid the hair and simply roll it forming a bun. You can happily rely on this style during the hot summers, as it leaves no strands poking you during the workouts.

3 – Tiered ponytail

Don’t worry, it is not really complicated like it seems. Start by brushing the entire hair evenly and taking a small section of hair from the front portion of the head and ponytail it. Repeat by take small sections of hair from both the sides of the head and ponytail it one below the other. And you are done.

Gym Hairstyles

4 – High pony

Pull all the hair together and make a pony tail on the top of the head. You can bind all the hair together with an            elastic. To make it look more stylish by wrapping it with a braided hair strand.

5 – French braid ponytail
You get to see PeeCee, sporting French braid ponytail while she hits the gym. The French braid ponytail in simple is an combo of both French knot and the high ponytail.


6 – Fishtail braid
Gym in ultimate style buddies. Tightly braid strands of your hair into tiny braids to form the fishtail braid. This usually can be made at the lower part of the head, which means some part of the fishtail on the neck. Katrina Kaif sports this hairdo.

 Gym Hairstyles

7 – Head crown braid
The head crown braid is the best frizz free hairdo for the gym. Braid your hair from along the sides and wrap it neatly through the front lengths of the head, forming crown like feel. The stylish bud of Bollywood – Soonam Kapoor.

Gym Hairstyles

8 – Pigtail bun

This Suits the best for the ones with short hair.

 Gym Hairstyles

9 – Half up

An absolutely trendy hair style, that is an currently hitting the people. Sport the half style to the gym with the tank top and workout pants -setting to kill the look. To add more to the look, the simple half up can be done in the form of the bow too. You might have seen Bollywood’s sweetheart – Alia Bhatt sporting the style.

 Gym Hairstyles

10 – Double bun

Sporting this hairstyle, you will be an eye-turner at the gym. The double buns hairstyle can be easily done, by firstly separating the entire hair into two from the middle. Now start twisting one section of hair tight enough to roll it together into one bun. Now pin it firmly with the help of bobby pins and start doing the same with the other section of hair. That’s it you are done. The smiley faced actress of Bollywood – Shradha Kapoor is seen sporting double buns during the gym.

Gym Hairstyles

So, these are some Gym Hairstyles, which will make you look stylishly hot throughout the workouts. Try these without a second thought because they suit in very well for everyone.

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