Is Grey Hair A Sign Of Wisdom?

Grey hair – The holy grail of acquiring wisdom is letting the greys be.

It depends entirely on the individual perspective how they look at grey hair. I think it is the silver lining that proves your life is taking a slow transition into something profound and you are ageing gracefully. With age, you patronize new ideas and shapes of things change as you are exposed to new experiences. Those experiences bring you wisdom, put you at peace with yourself so your sailing in life becomes smoother.

Some of us do abject surrender to age, which is inevitable, some try to fight it back by various means but to tell you, grey hair capacitates us to draw respect from people. It seen from a different set of eyes, it is a welcome change in both our appearance and our psyche.

With age, we face robust challenges from life and there are difficulties loom across the horizon. We tend to assuage our anger over the adding numbers in age and want to turn back the clock to be young again. We all had our days in the Sun, we had fare shares of it, some of us had that in excess. Now, it is time to introspect and letting the new come and inspire while we inspire them back. Grey hair is the presentiment of the ability to forgive, to exude grace and to no longer hold on to the emotional baggage of the past.

As a counter argument, one can say that grey hair is the sign of psychological stress but when you consider all the toxic gone, you won’t be sorry. One should take contemptuous pride on greying hair because it is the repository of one’s lifetime experiences. It is a sign that you are patient at tough and the scars that your heart is seared with, became useful to you. Grey hair is a sign that you will endure and every fortune will be conquered by that.

No one is born smart and the problems are for keeps, the one that stays with the problems with longer becomes able to rise and shine. The one with grey hair symbolizes patience which may seem bitter but the result is sweet. If you have been waiting for something that’s worth waiting for and grew grey hair in that bargain, you have mastered the art to endure pain and ready to cross any bridge you come by.

I would like to say that grey hair is the sign of accumulated strength. You are slow and steady, calm and poised, wise and benevolent, so life will usher you into positivity.

I would conclude saying that if you note the appearance of grey hair, you know for sure that you are the tree that took time to grow but are growing to bear the best fruit.


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