You Would Instantly Quit Eating Golgappas After Reading This


Golgappas, PaniPuri, Puchkas – call it anything but you love them anyway with any name. Despite being India’s most loved street food, Golgappas has come way too far in their journey of taste and lots of variations and some nightmares as well.

Let’s just talk about what is going on in this Golgappas industry and why the title of this story sounds so horrible-

Fact #1 – A sting operation in Pune

And the operation results in watching those panipuri – Golgappas vendors take the water from public toilets. There are many witnesses around when talked about it but never any of one have complained about it. The pictures above show a helper of Golgappas vendor going to a public toilet with four cans, fill them and go back to the vendor location. This location is at Shaniwarwada Chowpatty on Bajirao road. All the panipuri lovers know about hygiene maintained by these vendors but they really don’t care.

Facts #2 – Toilet cleaner in the water

This time its Ahmedabad where a vendor was caught mixing toilet cleaner in the golgappa water. And, an interesting fact is the reason behind it and that is to make it tastier. Yeah! It does and hats off to all those eaters who thinks his stall sells the best street food. He was found guilty after the laboratory test and the vendor owner was jailed after this. The location was near Lal Darwaza area of Ahmedabad. The report also has a remark saying that the road nearby got damaged because he used to spill the leftover water there.

Here is the complete report –

Fact #3 – Urine in the Golgappas – This will blow your mind

A vendor in Thane urinates in the same vessel he uses for the pani of panipuri. I have no idea what excuse will the lovers of this street food is going to say because they are always like ‘its okay’. Kind of Chaltahai attitude almost everyone gives just because it takes their taste bud to an extra high level. What about urine on your taste buds and that’s somebody else’s? But yeah! People anyhow sipping cow’s urine saying pious gomutra, so yeah! This one will also go fine with you all. Really!

In case if you are interested in seeing the video, here is the link –

Fact #4 Bacteriology

Now that after reading these shocking stories, you should also notice the bacteria’s found in the food after taking samples from different locations. The Chutney and water both are contaminated from E.Coli bacteria and fail the hygiene test. The results are just they are not at all edible. The vending site adds more value to these germs thereby making it more dangerous. Even Vadodara banned these lovely water balls after getting huge diarrhea and vomiting reports till monsoon season. Complete report of the bacteriology can be read here –


Well! It is not just about the hygiene of the stall and the ingredients but the vendors well. How many of you have seen them taking precautions while serving you? And, the scene when they really take their hand to the crotch and then serve you with the same hand is so common and people even troll all of these by saying the food tastes better.

Yeah! Trolling and everything is good but let’s just take a stand by boycotting the unhygienic vendors completely just for the sake of your own health. And, also to save yourself from regretting later when any of the news flashes like we have read above and you remember you had your belly full once there.

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