India’s First Female Surfer Sets Tanning As The New Fad

Indian woman surfer

In India the word fairer sex is taken quite literally.

Kangana Ranaut made headlines by refusing a whopping Rs.2 crore offer to endorse a fairness cream. But how many top actresses would do that?

Forget celebs even as a common perception there is a strange craving for the fairer skin.

We even have songs like ‘gore gore mukhde pe kaala kaala chashma’. In this country can you let your daughter get dusky?

The plight of the mother of the first female surfer of India – Ishita Malaviya, would have been miserable when she heard that her daughter was into surfing.

“We were totally against it. We sent her here for journalism and not surfing”, her mother recalls when her daughter told her about her passion.

The dusky beauty that is celebrated all across the world is in a way looked down in our country.

Right from the time a girl is born in a family there is a rule book attached that she needs to adhere to. The roles and the way of conduct are factors always judged if you are a girl in India. The age gets divided into several bars and each bar sets a rule of the situation you are supposed to be. So for example by 25yrs the girl needs to get married, then in a year or two produce kids, etc.

Ishita talks about the challenge she faced breaking the ice and paving the way for thousands of talented girl surfers in the country.

She describes the fishermen being shocked when they saw her surfing.

In the video she talks about how she started giving surfing lessons to young girls along with her boyfriend.

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