These Signs Are A Clear Proof That You Have A God Gifted Intuition Power.

Intuition power

Intuition power – Every human which exists on the face of earth is not just a physical structure, it’s much beyond that.

very individual on this planet hold an entire universe of superpowers inside which they don’t have any idea about.

The most prominent and common superpower which is quite underrated is, the Intuition power. Many of us have a god-gifted intuition power and here are some obvious signs which prove it.

Let’s see if you’ve got the superpower within yourselves:

1 – Emotional:

You’re highly emotional and emotional in a way that you consider the emotions of other people superior to yours. This is one reason why it’s very difficult for you to hurt other people, in fact, this is also the reason you somehow withdraw from people and move away from them.

2 – Dreams:

You dream a lot, and your dreams are very vivid in nature. Some of your dreams do come true and others seem to be hints about some to-be-happening situations of your life. Your dreams have certain clues and ideas about something that’s going to happen which means that none of your dreams are meaningless. You just need to figure that out.

3 – Recognition:

You have an anonymous sense of recognizing souls. No matter how ugly, pretty, kind or unkind a person might seem to be, you’re able to see beyond that which means you don’t need to put-in efforts to peek into the souls of people. 95% of the times your sneak-peek into the souls of people by just having a look at them comes out to be true.

4 – Random Thoughts:

The random thoughts of your mind are often quite practically feel-able. You can hear sounds, watch images and enact situation in your head in a way no one can. You often get into another world simply constructed of your own thoughts. You can feel every ounce of your thoughts with proper sounds, visuals and feelings which is unique in their own selves. These thoughts can pop-up from anywhere.

5 – Objects:

It seems as if the universe gives you hints through different objects which include feathers, clouds, trees, advertisements and other things. The best part is that the messages these objects give to you are very easily understandable by you and you will definitely agree that they are really helpful to you. It seems as if the objects speak to you for good.

6 – Psychics:

People who have strong spiritual intellect and thinking like you get attracted to you quite early and at a fast pace. People who have a psych like you seem to find you from somewhere or the other and same from your side. Psychics get attracted to psychics and if you have someone of that sort near you then you should know that you’re one of them too.

7 – Uncomfort:

At times the hints your intuition gives you makes you uncomfortable and force anxiety on you but that’s because something’s about to happen which is more on the negative aspect. Your intuitions turn out to be true and that’s the reason when you get a negative one you feel a different type of unease and discomfort. You need to start channelizing it in the correct manner.

8 – Addiction:

People who have a strong power of intuition are prone to get addicted to something or the other. This might be alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, drugs, overeating and other things which tend to take you away from intuition. Though your addictions have nothing to do with pulling you away from intuition, you still are definitely addicted to something or the other.

9 – Psychiatric Disorder: You have at least once been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder in clinical terms. These diagnostics might be related to depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or other mental health issues.

10 – Universe:

The universe always helps you in random situations of your life where you seem to be stuck up or something. Anything that messes you up even a bit reaches to a solution automatically. The universe might give you hints through dreams, hoardings, books, quotations, clouds, a random message etc. No matter how and how soon or late, the universe does help you out.

So, these are 10 of the most obvious signs that you have a god-gifted Intuition power inside of you. You should be really happy and should feel blessed to have this kind of a superpower within yourself. You need to learn how to channelize it, take needed steps and avoid certain situations. Intuitions are really underrated, I repeat, much underrated. You’re surely special if you have the wonderful superpower as Intuition, just realize this.

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