Girls! Here Are 12 Reasons To Love Your Body, Whether You Are Size 0 or Size 18!


So what is this war about sizes anyways?

Size 0 or size 18, after all, it is a PERSON inside that size, right?

Why are we concentrating on the circumferences, kilos and pounds when we know that it is the PEOPLE WHO MATTER THE MOST!

If one of my friend tells me they NEED to go a few sizes down, I will slap them — with love, of course!

Because I just want to shake them (with love) and tell them, “That is a MYTH! Do you NOT need to be a SIZE! You already are a BEAUTIFUL PERSON!

And I would shout this with love, from the rooftops. Of love!

If you want to lose weight or be a certain size for health reasons, then go ahead!

My point here is that NO ONE should feel that they HAVE TO be a size, simply because bathing suit season is coming.

Come on girl, the best thing to do in life is LOVE YOURSELF for who you are, and not WHAT SIZE YOU ARE!!

And you CAN. Here are 12 AWESOME Reasons To Love Your Body NOW, shun the sizes!

Lord knows I’m trying as hard as I can.

  1. Because, OPRAH DOES THAT!

Let me explain. Oprah puts herself on every single cover of her magazine. Every cover. Once in a while, she’ll be joined by Dr. Oz or Ellen, but it’s usually all Oprah all the time. Look at a cover of O Magazine and now look at the cover of any other glamour loaded magazine. She doesn’t look like anyone else on any cover. And it works And it’s wonderful. I’ll realize, hey, she’s Oprah and it’s her magazine and we don’t see enough bodies like hers on magazines. That’s the real body! And she ain’t ashamed of it! SO TAKE IT FROM DARLING OPES!

  1. Because you’re too young for this!

Worrying about your body in your twenties is ridiculous. You’re too young for this kind of angst! I look at photos of myself from when I was 21 (you dare not ask my age) and, I think, Oh man, I had a beautiful body, I can’t believe I used to put that body down. I wish I had that body now! And the cycle continues a few years later. Even in your thirties, you’re too young to fret about your body. (And forties!) Love it NOW. Because one day you WILL DEFINITELY NOT HAVE IT, in your 50s! And then you’re gonna look back and kick yourself for not appreciating what you had.

  1. Because think of all the amazing things it can do for you!

It walks. It dances. It runs. It digests food for you. It lets you dream. It gives you eyelids so you don’t have stuff stuck in your eyes all the time. Sounds way basic, huh? Who cares! You gotta start appreciating your body somewhere. Appreciate your arms and your legs, because some people don’t have those, and would kill for your arms that you hate for being “too fat.” Try appreciating them for what they can do for you. Try doing a pushup. Look at how strong you are! (If you’re like me, you do push up on your knees, and that’s okay. Baby steps!) Just appreciate the most basic functions of your body if you can’t love it yet. It does so much and works so hard.

  1. Because it’s not as bad as you think it is

We are all our own harshest critics. I have a friend who is just so mean to her stomach while I’m in glorious amazement, saying, “Girl, if I had your stomach, I WOULD ONLY WEAR SEXY BLOUSES. EVEN AT WEDDINGS. ESPECIALLY AT WEDDINGS,” and then she says, “WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING AT ME?” and then I start doing the Chikni Chameli dance. No, but seriously, we are waaaaaaay too hard on ourselves. No one else sees the flaws on you the way you do. So cut it out!

  1. Because you’re going to miss out a lot!

This is a true story, one I’ve been way too ashamed to admit for so many years, but I’m going to do it because I don’t want ANYONE to make the same ridiculous mistake I did. I was offered a free trip to Hawai to visit a friend at her family’s at their vacation home or whatever it was. And I didn’t go. Why? Because the vacation home had a swimming pool and Hawai has a lot of beaches! And I didn’t want to be seen in a bathing suit.

DO YOU REALIZE HOW STUPID AND RIDICULOUS THAT IS??? I turned down a free trip to Hawai. Guess how many free trips to Hawai my partner have since offered to me? Zero!! Guess how many opportunities like that I’ve had since? Zero!!

You’re going to miss out on life if you’re too much worried about your love handles. Don’t do it!

  1. Because life isn’t photoshopped!

Everyone is so photoshopped these days, it’s insane. You see someone on a magazine cover and most likely, you’ll feel a small twinge of “Ugh” as in, “Ugh, I wish I was her,” “Ugh, I wish I had her abs,” “Ugh this magazine is so expensive,” whatever! You get my point, don’t you? You have to remember that it’s been MASTERFULLY photoshopped!! Those Celebs don’t even look like what they look like on the covers, you dig? People don’t look that way in “real life.” And the photos you should treasure and use as inspiration should be photos of your happy self!

SCREW THE THIGH GAP! Your thighs touch because they’re BFFs, it’s no big deal.

  1. Because you may be setting an example to someone else, even if you don’t realize it!

If you’re a mom and you’re always complaining about your body, you may not think your kids will pick up on it, but they do. They may not understand it, but the takeaway will be something like, “Mommy says she’s fat, and she sounds sad and mad about it, so fat must be bad.” Is that the message you want to send to your kids? You gotta be careful about what you say. Don’t ever body shame yourself in front of them, ever. It’s not something they should have to deal with. It’s appalling how girls, some as young as seven or eight, already hate their bodies. What legacy are we handing these women of the future? Let’s encourages women to be proud of their bodies, because the younger generation is watching and learning!

  1. Because life’s too short!

I know, I know, forgive me for using this cliché but how could I not? Life really is too short to spend years hating your body. There’s way too much to do and see in this world. Let your focus in life be on experiences, not how you look while experiencing life. SIMPLE as it is!

  1. Because negative thinking breeds negativity!

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? It states that like attracts like. What you think about, you bring about. So if you have a positive attitude, you attract positivity. Which means that if you have a negative attitude, you attract negativity. And why do that to yourself? Why go through life, attracting negativity because of your negative thoughts and feelings about your own body? It isn’t worth it. It’s kind of a waste of time. And it only does more harm than good. Tell yourself that you love your body, even if it feels like a lie. Tell yourself until you believe it.

  1. Because hating your body is too tiring!

It’s just sooooo stressful and tiring, and plain exhausting to hate your body all the time. It’s so much easier to say, “Hey, this body I have, is awesomely beautiful,” and go on with your day. You don’t need any added stress in your life! Let your body be your best friend!

  1. Because food is delicious and meant to be eaten!

Do you want to go through life never knowing the pleasure of a cronut (doughnut made of croissant dough with yummy fillings), or raisin muffins with chocolate on top, or those deliciously buttered pao-bhajis, , or that simply awesome chicken curry? If food allergies aren’t holding you back, of course not! Eat to life’s glory girl! Eat before you vanish from earth!

  1. Because simply, Love your body and it will love you back!

More than a relationship with anybody else, you need to have a relationship with your own body girl! And that too, a LOVE REALTIONSHIP! Love it for it to love you back! If you’ve built an adversarial relationship with your body through negative thoughts and comments, then your body is less likely to cooperate with your attempts to be a size you want or get healthy. It rebels! Learning to love yourself will repair your relationship with your body and make it more willing to cooperate with your requests and be what you want it to be!

(Now that sounds like the strongest reason, right?)

Hey, don’t get me wrong here: there’s nothing wrong with working out for a healthy body!

I work out and I love it. It makes me feel good. And the most important thing, is that it makes me love my body, which is what I want everyone to do!

Well, not my body. I mean you love your own body. Get it? Got it? Good!!

So forget the sizes, and…


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