10 Funny Statements People Use Without Thinking!


I am sure you must be using one of these 10 funny statements or must have used at least once, without even knowing the significance or the actual meaning.

We all do that, after all, we are the most misunderstood and direction-less creation of God, and we celebrate it too 😛

And this is how we do it!

1.  Thanks in advance!

Why do you even want to thank a person without knowing whether or not the job will be done or not? But we do that! We are too considerate you see!

Well, this is not gratitude, this is a declaration “You better do it dude, or else!”

2.  It is what it is!

Ok, so what else you expected “it” to be? Is this on a sad note or are you happy with what it is? Is it going to change ever? Was it going to be something else?

What the hell is this “IT” by the way!!

3.  At the end of the day!

… it will be night! Right?

Huh… so much for the perspective seeking! Well, you could use “ultimately” and sound far more classy!

4.  With all due respect!

Almost always coupled with an insult or unsolicited advice, this phrase is a smarter way to say, “Prepare to be disrespected.” Examples include: “With all due respect, you’re fired.!!”

Instead, eliminate the preamble. If you’re going to say something that others might find offensive, just say it or keep quiet! Why give respect when you don’t mean it?

5.  At this moment in time!

Ok, the moment passes before you finish your sentence! So what’s the relevance? And where else the moments are, apart from being in time? I am actually confused here! Help please!

6.  Just Sayin!

How illuminating!! Thank you for clarifying that the thing you just said is a thing you are saying, and you said it just for saying!

7.  I, personally!

As opposed to “I, collectively?”

And just for the record, how many people are there in your “I”?

Well, your redundant adverb just stole an extra second of life from everyone in the room. How do you, personally, feel about that?

8.  No Offence, But!

As if the thing that you are going to say will definitely not blow off the listener’s mind! Mean the offence if you mean it! How about “Well, take it as offence if you may, but you are really ugly!”

9.  Oh My God!

OMG!! This dress is so beautiful!!!

OMG!! This is such a wonderful place!!

OMG!! She is so fat!!

OMG!! You are crazy!!

OMG!! It’s so hot today!!

And then God is constantly on hiccups for the rest of his life!

Why GOD why??

10.  You Live Only Once! YOLO!

Yes, I do, yes you do, yes we all do, as far as I know and is scientifically proven too! But why do you have to keep reminding it? To something really selfish and justify? That’s it!

And yes there is a YODO too! Before you act really selfishly, foolish!

So, how many of phrases do you use without even realising that you are not saying what you actually mean to say?

Be honest!

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