Five Things To Motivate Yourself, In This Stressed World

Things that motivate

Things that motivate – Whenever there is lack of motivation, immediately look into your heart. It is still beating and is trying to say you something, in Emerson’s words, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

It’s nature’s procedure to change coal into diamond without changing the equation, which needs tremendous pressure. So, my friend the most important thing you need to do religiously is criticize yourself to bring out the best; hidden in the core of your heart.

Our lives are confined between the two poles of success and failure and torn apart by happiness and desire.

Things that motivate –

We believe in height and forget to look down at the earth, which gives us the foundation. Be humble. Desires overpower the necessity and we end up being the puppet in the hands of mundane. If you are here to find some solace, then you need to trust yourself, only then you can move ahead in this article.

Each of us is unique, our uniqueness lies in the way we see our lives, yes you spelt that right, OUR lives. Because, for everyone the other one is happier as you feel. Ask yourself, “how can I be unhappy, when I have a healthy body and a powerful soul”. With a healthy body, which can be achieved by regular exercise you can chase your dreams. With a powerful soul, whose food is purity and meditation; you can achieve the impossible.

So, control your desires with a powerful soul and be humble enough with a healthy body.

Pen down all your pains and you will find your pages turning to Tom Riddle diary. We become victims not because of others, but because we victimize ourselves with out thinking. When you are writing, you are conversing with yourself. Trust me it is the richest treasure, if you nurture it calmly and humbly and all problems are anesthetized.

Stop believing in destiny. Try to grab ‘The Old man and the Sea’ by Hemingway, it will truly change your perception on life. “It is better to be lucky. But I would rather be exact. Then when the luck comes you are ready.” As the old man says. When you keep on working, without being defeated by failures, you truly achieve something magnanimous.

We are living in a world, where the value of a person is determined by his success. Right? Be a fighter, don’t get carried away when you are successful and never give in to the failures and be defeated. As long as we have the soul within, we can put up a fight with all the adversities.

Be a person of integrity, never compromise with your ideals and values. Remember the values which makes you a good human being, will ease your roller-coaster drive and will always hold your head high.

Glad to see you here, now don’t forget to love yourself. Whatever you do, you are only the person who will face the consequences. Don’t forget to take a long walk early in the morning, with your earplugs playing some calm music.

For the whole day, be humble and be the person of integrity. It’s time to send stress for a long vacation. Be content with yourself.

Lastly the most important thing to keep yourself motivated is to see the world through a child’s eye. Trust me then you would never run short of energy and curiosity for an anxiety free life.

These are the Things that motivate –

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