Global Supply Chain To Intrigue In India

global supply chain

Pandemic 2020 has taught us a lesson of being self-dependent, which has encouraged the implementation and partnering in the global supply chain. Depending on a single source will be a great mistake as if one country is facing any major problem then the outsources can be invited from another country. Bilateral support on the global supply will be advantageous to India but the other countries.

While mentioning the situation India decided to repeat the swadeshi movement that was led by Mahatma Gandhi. He, who believed to give up all the foreign products and use, wear native made. Though it was the revolution that was about 100 years back from now has reminded me about the necessity of Aatma Nirbharta.

global supply chain

Supply chain to bring revolution

Standing and progressing consistently for India will need a time period of two decades. India has already started its trials for the Atmanirbhar Bharat, Industrial Belts are slowly inclining their strategies with the new concept to develop “Self Dependent” India. The sudden breakdown in the economy is increasing the demand and requirement of more supplies. Almost the entire world is suffering from the insufficiency and crisis in the economy is observed including the top-ranked countries of Europe. In such situations when India has greater scope to prove from the intrigues of productions and supplies.

While the global supply chain this process will need a few strategies that help in accelerating the businesses in India.  The agricultural sector, IT sector, and auto manufacturing sectors are the most long term and effective to the market that seeks a strong global platform after the lockdown. Lockdown has created a massive loss to the auto industry as well as IT sectors. With appropriate initiatives, the auto industry looks forward to opening wide in the global market from India as it already holds the fifth rank in selling auto parts.

The agricultural sector has been the most preferred for several decades, and it is still as the first preference. But in order to apply bilaterally and on large scale to different countries it is important to upgrade technicalities, improve the structures of the production to meet up with the demand for supply. Finally, the revolution of the silicon valley has already proven the strength and demand of Information Technology in India. How much is India prone to the development of Information technology? Each year about several IT professionals migrate to other countries for a handsome salary.

As the three major sectors are almost ready, who does require a replacement, re-planning that includes raw materials, land area for industry, and labor. Altogether the entire availability has provided India a global supply chain to begin immediately without structural rebalancing. Boosting of infrastructure and increasing of production both can be consistent while comparing to other sectors. Countries that are interested in investing will no doubt require a planned structure and time that will escalate the future supply chain. While apart from the Country’s supply or production the regional business development can be co-related with the three sectors.

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