Nostalgia Alert! Here’s How 90s Kids Spent Their Summer Vacations

90s Kids

90s Kids – A little before technology entered and quickly dominated our lives, life was simple and a lot happier.

Today’s kids won’t agree with this statement as they haven’t seen what life looked like before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram took over.

But 90s kids would definitely agree with me on this.

When the summer vacations start, the Facebook timeline gets flooded with holiday pictures. Back then, in the 90s,how did we enjoy summer holidays? It was a lot more fun to lick the mango pulp off our elbows than to click selfies and post it on social media sites. Here is how the 90s kids spent their summer vacations and made their holidays memorable:

  1. Outdoor Games 

The 90s kids had real friends and hence they played real games. Summer vacation used to be all about hanging out with the friends that reside in the neighborhood. Forget about evenings, not even the mornings and afternoons were spared. The kids used to go home simply to have lunch and dinner. Marbles, lagori, hopscotch, hide and seek were some of the common games.

90s Kids

  1. Cartoon Networkand Pogo

There were no restrictions on watching TV during summer vacations. We could watch it all day long. Unlike today, 90s kids were blessed to have cartoons that were in true sense, FUN. Tiny TV also brought us great entertainment. Oswald, Noddy, Bob the Builder, and Pingu instantly became every 90s kid’s friends. When not playing out in the heat, we used to watch educational and fun programs on either Cartoon Network or Pogo. And how can we forget Rob’s M.A.D, the show that taught us a lot about music, art, and dance.

90s Kids

  1. Super Marioand Duck Hunt

Xbox wasn’t a trend back then. The kids in the 90s enjoyed playing Super Mario and Duck Hunt on the TV. TV? Yes, we have had a blast playing TV video games. We did not connect with the strangers on a gaming site for multiplayer games. We always had our own gang ready to look for Mario’s girlfriend or to hunt the ducks. 

90s Kids

  1. Visiting Grandmother and other relatives 

Summer vacation always meant visiting grandmother, especially mother’s mother. Even today, if the 90s kids are given an option to visit either Switzerland or Nani’sGhar, they would definitely choose their Nani’s house. The variety of dishes cooked with love followed by tons of mangoes was the best part of summer vacations. The most of the veggies and fruits that grandma served used to be farm fresh and organic.

90s Kids

No matter how advanced the technology gets, it will not be able to give us back those simple days full of love and warmth. The real human connection is something we will always miss. Fortunately, being born in the 90s at least allowed us to experience the real world and its beauty before it got replaced by the virtual world.

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