Fascinating Streams Of Mud Festival In South Korea

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Promoting mud made products and cosmetics are the main intentions of the mud festival that is celebrated in Buryeong, South Korea. The first celebration was in 1998, and it continues to grow popular year after year. Here, people from different parts of the world visit in June and July to experience the fun at the festival. One of the most fascinating celebrations that freshen up with the awareness for the artistic works and products.

What are the experiences that make the space so exciting?

The muddy space is made by transferring mud from the Buryeong at Daecheon Beach to develop the magic and joy to play in the mud.

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Dance with the mud on your body

Craziness out of being happy and joy are interconnected which explores while summing up with the music and mud together. Dancing in the mud with the flow of music, being in the crowd where people participate from different parts of the world.

Millions of people join the crowd to merry-go-round with the music and dance. Not only ends up jumping and covering with mud, but the street parades around the city are also arranged. Several foreigners join with the locals to move around parading with joy. Painted body or bathing with the mud under the sun both ensures an amazing body massage throughout the body.

Health in mud

Apart from mud massages, the quality of the mud is a great factor that the world prefers. The mud festival ensures the combinations of more than 8 minerals in the mud. Natural elements are always the best for human health. Hereby the mud contains aluminum, magnesium, potassium, calcium, silicon, and most important of all it can be a good pack for your skin with infrared radiation.

The distinctive pleasure with the games on the beach along with the flooded zones. The place is separated into the family zone, Mud village, and the Busking zone, and zones are increasing year after year with the increase of the participants in the mud festival, South Korea.

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Fun with crowd and creativity

Creativity is to the sky when it comes to being the artwork with the mud in Buryeong. Various contests are organized with different themes; people participate and gain a lot of exposure to their artwork and artistry. Color mud photography is one of the attractions; nothing can be more fun for the visitors to run over the muddy path, the Mudflat marathon at the Buryeong mud festival.

Badminton matches, playing football, and many other games are organized each year. Every year different kinds of new sports and contests are introduced to the list of contests.

More it is a fun, rather than the tradition or culture of South Korea. The mud festival is all about games on the mud, but the main aim is to cultivate the mud cosmetic industry. As the unique part of this mud is the significance that is beneficial for the health of the skin and body which makes it famous worldwide.

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