Signs That You Were Part of A Convent School

Convent school students – studying in a convent in India is a great experience. Here are a few instances that you come across when you are part of one such educational environment.

In India, more and more private schools are being established every year.

These schools often have norms that differ from public schools.

I studied at a convent school in India and remember the experience being the one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Below highlighted are the signs which tell that you studied in a convent school in India.

Morning prayers are a common practice in all convent schools. When you receive schooling in this environment for over a decade, this sign of worship becomes a practice, regardless of your religion.


English is your first language. You become proficient in not only speaking the language, but it turns you into a grammar Nazi.


On Christmas Eve, you have no problem singing Christmas carols because you remember them like the back of your hands.


The prayers usually followed with the pledge, “India is my country.” Here, you always skipped the second like that required you to say, “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”.


You were subject to punishment (including chalk and duster thrown at you and being labelled a ‘loafer’) that would embarrass you a great deal.


You knew that the designation of nuns in sarees varied from the ones that wore a gown. Regardless, you referred each one of them as ‘sister’.


You had one class wherein the Catholic students and the rest of them were separated. It was Moral Science for the rest and Catechism for the Catholic students.


On Christmas Day, a half-day at school, you would get the chance to be part of the skit wherein you dressed as per the character you played – Jesus Christ, Kings, Joseph and Mother Mary or the angels.


Your time before the exam was spent in the nearby church, wherein you prayed to the Almighty for the questions to be easy.


Cursive writing was another common practice that you could not get rid of until college.


Your Catholic school offering holidays on other ethnic festivals would bring out this reaction from you.


Even with all the rules and restrictions, studying in a Catholic school was fun for me. If you have any other experiences to share, please feel free.

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