8 Disabled Indian Sports Heroes Who Inspire Us Everyday

People must note that differently abled people do not need sympathy, they need our encouragement.

It is sad to know that special people still in our country are looked upon as a disgrace to our society. Not only they are belittled but also many still believe that intellectual or physical disability is result of a curse or black magic.

But we are glad that some special stars are defying their limits and turning their parents and society’s regret in to their pride and honor.

25th July, marks the commencement of the 14th edition of Special Olympics World Summer.

This sporting event is in Los Angeles this year and includes participation from intellectually disabled. Today we are celebrating the differently abled sports lovers who have showcased their extraordinary tale of grit and have brought laurels to our nation.

Below is the list of nine disabled Indian sports heroes who have glorified our country’s sporting fraternity.

  1. Rajkumar Tiwari-Ice Skating

Rajkumar turned his intellectual disability into an opportunity. He is India’s lone Special Olympics gold medalist.

rajkumar tiwari

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