5 Things Happen When You Do Planks Everyday


Planks are one of the ultimate exercises which can be done regularly. It is easy, effective and the best part is that this exercise needs zero equipment.

In this exercise, muscles of the overall body get strained and leave a big impact on your body.

Read on to know what exactly happens if you do plank almost every day:

1.     Your Core will thank you

All the major muscles in your midsection are engaged in this exercise. And this, in turn, helps in your better body movements, improves workout performances and of course will help to get your ideal toned back and belly and six packs that you always dream about.

2.     Enhances your digestion

It is found that that planking helps to improve digestion keeps up your metabolism rate high throughout the day.

3.     Aids to reduce the chances of back or spinal column injury

You can bid goodbye to sore backs. Yes, planks involve your back without straining the same and aid to strengthen your back especially upper back.

4.   You will soon get ideal posture

Yes, if done right, over a period of time you will see substantial results in terms of your posture.  Your abdominal, back, neck, shoulder, and chest muscles get toned and thus leading to no stoop body posture.

5.     Better psychological state

This may sound weird but yes it enhances not only your physical health but mental health too. The muscle groups responsible for stress and tension in body gets relax and give you more flexibility. It also calms your mind, and thus fights issues like depression and anxiety. We recommend you to include Planks in workout routine so that it can bolster your fitness level.

Do not know how to do? Here’s a video showcasing beginner’s guide in order to do planks.


What do you think about Planks? Which is one exercise that should be done daily for a fit bod? Sound off your views in comments below.

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