How To Get Sharper Memory And Sharper Mind Because Its Need Of The Hour !

Sharper memory

Sharper memory – Tend to forget where you put your lipstick, pen drive or head set?!

Did this become a regular thing that annoys yourself and the ones around you?! If yes is your answer, we here got you things that will get your mind and memory sharper? I am sure that most of you don’t even have an idea that these things will get you sharper memory power!!

We bet you on this.

  1. Laugh it out

The brain cells get stimulated when you set yourself free with laughter.

Sharper memory

  1. Enough sleep does it all

   Be it be anything; make sure you get sleep for about 8 to 9 hours daily. Remember, when you are lacking proper sleep you even lack the ability to think, memorize things etc.

Sharper memory

  1. Take a break from the hectic sessions and breath out

Sometimes break is all that you need from the hectic work session. Take a chill-pill and exhale all the stress and other things that bother you. See your memory getting better over time.

Sharper memory

  1. Meditate and block the way for negativity

To calm down inner self, you got to opt for the very soothing option i.e. meditation. Block all the negativity from life and welcome fresh and new vibes only.

Sharper memory

  1. Mind exercise or game

   Feed your brain with some exercise that it gets the boost. You can boost the brain cells by even playing off some mind games too.

Sharper memory

  1. Foods that complement the brain with antioxidants

   Take in food material that provide your brain with antioxidants, essential vitamins etc. So, for this you can take in walnuts, blueberries, chickpeas, wine, broccoli, coconut oil etc serves the purpose.

Sharper memory

  1. Bodily exercises

The brain cells get activated when you indulge yourself in some physical exercises. Studies show that engaging yourself in physical exercise is said to improve the flow of blood to the brain and boosts the memory.

Sharper memory

  1. Engage yourself in a new skill

Acquiring a new skill or interest is never wrong. So, set forward to learn your favorite. It could be anything like learning your favorite music, learn to play music with your favorite instrument, learn a sport or anything it could be.

Sharper memory

  1. Make friends or hangover with ones you have

   It always feels good and relaxing when you catch up with your friends. If, you haven’t made it out with your friends – then its time for some fun. Catch up with all your favourite and dearest buddies and get carried back into the memory lane.

Sharper memory

  1. Coffee

   Just with a view to boost your memory power, you don’t have to skip your favorite hot beverage – coffee. Caffeine is said to have properties that boost the memory power. Relish happily onto your favorite one and get the help that you need.

Sharper memory

These are the ways you can get Sharper memory – So, that was it. Make sure you follow them to have a much better memory power. Let your age be anything, just remember it’s just a number. Though the complications of weak memory is said to hit everyone with age, you can maintain a reasonable memory power even with age advancements with these few listed things.


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