These “Drunk & Did Something” Stories Will Make You Remember Your Embarrassing Story!

Embarrassing Drunk Stories – When people get drunk, you can expect the unexpected from them.

Sometimes, a drunk person does something that he/she would’ve never done if they would’ve been sober, agree? Sometimes, it’s doing something embarrassing that no matter how badly you want to erase it, you just cannot do it. Have you ever been into such situation? If you have & you regret drinking so much during that time, then I certainly feel bad for you. Sadly, these below mentioned “drunk & did something stupid” stories will make you remember yours once again.

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Embarrassing Drunk Stories: 

  • I got so drunk on my best friends 21 because I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me hours before the party. I was a mess and I still feel horrible that I stole her thunder. I got so drunk that I blacked out and apparently I was at the bar talking about how I’m going to kill my boyfriend. The bartenders asked my friends to take me home. We were in the city and parked in Hoboken so we had to take the transit. People were laughing because I kept crying and making my friends stop so I could cry. A cop asked if I was okay and my friend had to explain that I broke up with my boyfriend so he didn’t take me in, because apparently I was a disaster. It took us 5 hours to get home for an hour trip. I still feel so bad and its 4 years later.
  • I woke up with a solid poop in my pants. No pee. Over the years I have come to only two conclusions. Either I was so drunk that I shit myself while peeing in a urinal at the bar and walked around all night or once I got back I was dying and my body was deciding which functions to give my energy to. Luckily my body chose breathing over holding in my turd.
  • Passed out mid-piss while leaning up against an apartment building just off campus. I vaguely remember waking up with my d*** in my hand while a small group of people stood around me and took pictures.
  • A few years back I was walking home completely wasted at 4 AM thinking I was lost, called all my house mates waking them all up and asking for them to find me (lived with 9 other people at the time) turns out I was down 5 minutes down the road crying (I’m a big bearded guy) . My friends still laugh at me to this day.
  • I ended up topless high up in a tree in my friend’s front yard at 5 am on Easter morning chanting “I am the drunkest girl in the tree”.
  • Went to bed drunk with my girlfriend, woke up in the middle of the night, got naked, sat in my sofa chair and just starting pissing into the air all over my cloths and floor. My girlfriend woke up and yelled at me, i just got up and passed back out in the bed.
  • During my best friend’s wedding reception–When the time came to collect money for the bride and groom’s honey moon…I slid my debit card down my friend’s chest (bride) and asked for change.
  • Started talking to my mom like she was my Girlfriend. Ending up saying some very personal and nasty things… My mom was beyond pissed.

Embarrassing Drunk Stories: Did you remembered yours? Well, you’re lucky if you haven’t experienced embarrassing stories like the ones mentioned above.

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