Never Say These Things To A Girl During Her Periods

During Her Periods

If you are in a relationship from past few years, then you probably know that how cranky girls could be during their periods.

Don’t blame them for that because when you have blood flowing down 24*7 with side-effects called pre-menstrual syndrome, you become cranky and frustrated. Now, that’s the reason why you have to think twice before saying anything wrong to a girl during her periods. Because she is already dealing with so much and then your uncontrolled mouth just spoils her mood even more.

Let’s have a look at some of those things that you should not say during her periods.

  1. What? Are you on your period or something?

If she is having mood swings and you just asked her whether she is on her periods or not, you are in deep trouble. Because if her answer is no, then how dare you say that and if the answer is yes, then get ready for a lecture.

  1. Go take some pain killers

Really? You think a pain killer is the cure for these cramps? Thank you so much because if it really was then I wouldn’t be dying on my bed for 2 days every month. Now, study on the issue before you come back with a cure to me.

  1. Do you need a tampon?

What if I do? Is that a big deal for you? Yes, I am on my periods and I use things like tampons and sanitary pads. Does that bother you or is it just a joke for you?

  1. Cramps aren’t that hurtful

Really? You think we just make up the deadly pain that we go through? Only if you can feel how it feels like when someone is trying to hit hard from inside your lower abdominal and you feel like cutting it out forever, you would know what cramps are.

  1. Talk to me after your periods are over

How about I talk to you never? Because my periods are going to be back every month for at least till I am 50. So, if my periods are a problem for you, let’s just not talk anymore at all.

  1. Stop complaining

Why would I stop complaining? I am in pain and this is an unbearable situation for me in the first 2 days.  So how do you expect me to not complaint about it to the person I feel is close to me?

These are the thing that you should not say to a girl during her periods. Girls are dangerous during their periods and you’d be too if you had to go through so much of pain and wetness all together. It’s irritating and the reactions that the girls give you are just out of pure frustration.

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