Do you Use These Words? It Will Tells About Your Age

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Telling about your age can be hesitant for many. Especially when growing old year by year and you do not want to realize nor need to remind about getting old. Despite the dislikes of getting old, it is the truth that one has certain features that show their intensity of maturity as well as the generation they belong to.

Even though there are outstanding ways to feel and look young. But some specific uses of words can unknowingly help others to predict age. Some may use it intentionally to let others learn about their generation.

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Phrases that can tell about your age

People may be connecting to several, throughout the day from the young ones to the old ones. Altogether in each conversation or interaction, the behavior of a person varies. It is almost difficult for a decade-old person to behave similarly to a ten-year-old boy. But the changes in appearance and younger look may not allow learning about age.

It is all related to the behavior and the words that can enable to make out. Some of the phrases that are strong indicators are as follows:

Davenport, or if you say, Chesterfield

There are different words used for a couch, but there was a time when it was popular as Davenport or chesterfield. Earlier during the 19th century, it was then created into the sofa. Though the futuristic looks of the sofa are different compared to the couches during the 20th century in the early times it was called the same. So if you say chesterfield then it is possible that you are from the prior generation of the millennial or Gen X.

Long-distance call, tell about your age

In the present generation, there is no such long-distance call due to the mobile phones. It was a time when calls were over landlines before the year 2000. But even if you use the phrase long-distance call then it means that your age is greater than 25 or more.

Fotomat, one-stop

Do you use the word Fotomat? No, but there was a time when the photos were snapped and taken to the shop to develop the pictures. So, if you are using Fotomat then you are almost about seven to eight decades away from the present time when mobile cameras are in use.

Mood ring

Are you always looking for stylish mood rings? Mood rings are all you want and ask for when in a jewelry shop. It means that you belong from the 80s, the use of this ring was popular, and still, many people believe in its benefits.

Just one more thing

It was during the 70s generation used this phrase. If there is someone around using it then you can easily predict the person’s age. The viral phrase started from a detective series on a TV show.

Generation wise the use of phrases and words have changed and personalized their times. So, when any specific phrases are spoken it becomes easier to know about your age.

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