You May Not Believe But Elephants Can Sing

elephants can sing 2

There are many facts known about elephants. It is one of the biggest animals on earth with unique and amazing features. Singing is another interesting feature of elephants, the only mammals who can sing. They produce sounds of happiness, anger but apart from that elephants can sing.

Singing is of two types in elephants which are almost similar to human beings. Everyone can’t listen or hear their voices. In recent research, it has been found that singing of the biggest animal is lower but the same to humans.

elephants can sing

Vocal cords as elephants can sing

The sound organs of elephants produce soft and mesmerizing sounds which are known as Rumbles. It is low but you can easily hear with headphones and a sound system. So, music lovers can find it interesting to listen as rumbles have low frequency soothing to ears. Their resonating chamber is responsible for producing low frequencies.

The vocal cords are longer, it is easy to understand that it is proportionate to their body size. Frequencies are low as well as longer, the length of their songs is lengthy. Humans’ songs are pleasing, after several years of practice, they can tone up their voices. But elephants do have the tones and ability to sing which is natural. The decibels sound is loud which measures as intense as 112 decibels.

Sound levels vary which are longer, soft, and low which extends to about one meter. It is a distinctive feature in African Elephants that they enjoy singing. Long trunks and flapping of ears produce a few more sounds which include vocal cords.  Their strength of voice enables them to communicate over long distances. The vocal cords of these animals make them sing songs and communicate. Maybe this is a reason that they are known as one of the most intelligent animals in the world.

Vocalization with humid air

There are various tests for the larynx which are applied in humans, the same is used for animals. Scientists have been able to check the vocalization and positions of the elephants. It is through the blowing of air from the lungs. Infrasounds are produced from the elephants which cannot be differentiated.

The songs of African elephants are hard to distinguish. As the low frequency, it can be heard it is soothing to hear. But the background sounds of the trees, plants, and air lead to suppressing the low frequencies.

They do not have to work hard to produce the infrasounds. The sounds are produced due to the process of vocalization by Myo-elastic aerodynamics. It is present in humans this enables them to produce sounds to about 7000 Hz. It is higher in bats which are also mammals.

Low in elephants it also has a similar process that enables it to produce the sound using the vocal cords. The easy breathing and exhaling of air leads to producing the sounds but the Asian elephants are not as experts as the African elephants in producing any good music or singing

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