Do Not Use Red Ink When you are in Portugal

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Red Ink is a sign of rudeness for the Portuguese. There are different signs of interactions such as the red ink in Portugal denotes a negative action. Whereas other countries do not mind using red as it is used in pointing out the important part of a sentence. Red inks write-ups are considered as a part to note.

But in Portugal red ink is a big “No” to use. There are no religious or sentimental issues when there is a restriction in using red colour. The main reason not to use the red colour is due to the fast lightening of colour.

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Restrictions in Business and legal contexts

The red colour is no doubt a bright colour which makes highlighting easier. Anyone reading can pick out the main lines easily. But due to the short lifelines of the red inks, it is strictly prohibited to use them in businesses and legal works.

Both Blue and red are the brightest and effective colours but the black colour is long-lasting. There is a scientific fact hidden between discouraging the use of red inks in essential sectors. Especially, for long term preservation of documentation, when it is needed to preserve blue or black is preferable.

Effects of UV rays on Red Inks

As the shorter waves can emit more energy this property works in increasing the life of the colours of the ink. Blue has a longer life and fades late due to the shorter wavelength of visible light which keeps it brighter. The reflection of the short wavelength of blue with greater energy reduces the tendency of fading easily.

On other hand the red with the long-wavelength at the infrared end of the spectrum of lights. They carry less energy which discourages reflection and absorbs the energy of the short wavelengths. No reflection takes place which results in the fading of the red colour with the passing of days. Fading of red colour causes problems for the important documents to fade.

The red ink colour is a sign of danger

But apart from the scientific reason, red ink in Portuguese is a sign of danger. So, any write-ups in red colour ink is believed to be unlucky and with negative results. The red colour is never for regular tasks or reading. As at the first instant when a person looks at the red ink it always provides a negative thought. It may be about anything but it denotes to be a criticism or a message of failure. This affects the person reading at first sight. Red is a sign of defeat or being unsuccessful, it is the reason that red is considered rude in Portugal.

So, if you are in Portugal do not use red ink, as it hurts the sentiments irrespective of whatever may be the reason to use the colour. Apart from it, the colour red is not suitable in any part of the world for any essential or official purposes. Be it Portugal or any other part of the world!

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