Unknown Bizarre Facts of Youtube Bet You Did Not Know

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Youtube was launched in America and the addiction to this social media is high. People not only watch music videos but it help guide with tutorials and information on different subjects. It can be for assembling a water pump motor or a creative food recipe. Facts of Youtube that is worth knowing.

Unknown popular facts of Youtube

The unknown facts of  youtube the famous websites becomes an interest to know specially when it is a need. For learning and enjoying as entertainment.

There are 98 versions of youtube

Worldwide youtube is famous for watching videos, it has 98 versions. Not only youtube videos widens worldwide but also it is available in localized versions. That apart from .com there are also .uk, .co it, which has brought greater popularity to than earlier standardized versions. Altogether the versions of youtube have increased and also the earnings at the same time. Youtube was first introduced to 10 countries and slowly expanded worldwide.

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Youtube benefitted u tube

By 2005 the youtube was popular, especially after each top video was receiving millions of views. Finally, u tube was introduced in the same year. It was a new domain launched by universal tube and roll form equipment that began to divert millions of traffic towards itself. The funny part of this mislead was that Youtube was sued by the company, blaming that was misleading the company’s viewers.

Can you think of Youtube as a dating site

Yes, today people can enjoy millions of videos of different kinds. Youtubers are loading hundreds of videos short spans or large which are receiving millions of views. But the main aim of the website was to launch it as a dating site. This is the reason that the logo of youtube is red but later it was launched as a musical site. With time it had developed different influencers and YouTubers who made it popular as a video website.

Google owns Youtube

About six companies are owned by Google, Youtube’s owner is also google. It was launched by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, after one year it was sold in 2006. Google bought it for $ 1.65 billion. After buying the ads were shown in 2007 and slowly business ways were changed.

Apart from views from short videos, it earned revenues from different uploaded content. It is the second-highest visited the website as social media and share the video.

Youtube was censored

Though it receives the highest traffics Youtube has been censored worldwide in five countries. Youtube does not earn any revenue from these countries.  China is one of the leading countries in technology and has blocked Youtube in 2019. After blocking it earlier two times in Iran it was finally banned in 2012.

Sudan and Turkistan have also banned youtube in 2009 and 2012 respectively.

14th Feb is youtube’s day

When the entire world celebrates Valentine’s day, Youtube celebrates its anniversary. It was launched on 14th February 2005.

Amazing facts of youtubes cannot be avoided. Viewers are increasing day by day for the different kinds of video content uploaded. Not only popular celebrities are earning through the contents. But YouTubers are also receiving amounts based on the content and video views.

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