Top 7 Erogenous Zones In A Woman’s Body That Guys Know Nothing About And Do Not Use In Bed!

While we know for a fact that it isn’t a rocket science to arouse a man for bed games, we must be aware, that women are different species altogether. They are not the ones who get excited at the spell of SEX. They need a lot of stimulation and cajoling to reach the bliss!

And quite interestingly , for women, good sex is something like a Beethoven symphony; there’s the overture, the crescendo, and the final climactic movement. In other words, women prefer to enjoy the scenic route, while men prefer to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

That is the reason, probably, men leave a lot of erogenous zones in  their woman’s body, unattended, not knowing that they are the areas which pleasure her the most.

Here are top 7 erogenous zones in a woman’s body that guys know nothing about and do not use properly in bed!

  1. Head and Scalp – The Crown of The Body And The Desires 

The scalp is the home to thousands of nerve endings, and hence it is quite sensitive to touch and responds quickly. If you ever got a good head massage, you would agree, this is one place in the body which relaxes you completely if touched in a correct manner. That is why, do not ignore this area, while in bed with your woman. A good way to get her in the mood is by gently running your fingers outwards from the crown of her head to the edges of her hairline in a motion like grasping a basketball. This will definitely send shivers down her whole body and make her warm and fuzzy.

  1. Ears – The Part To Receive The Whispers of Passion

As a rule, body parts located on the head are sensitive to touch. The ears are no different yet ignored a big time, most of the times. Ear stimulation can have varying results, ranging from ticklish giggles to low, erotic moans, so it is advisable to test the waters first before going full contact. Start by tracing the curve of her ear, from top to bottom. Begin with the outer lobe and if she responds well, proceed to kiss her on the lobes and give her ears a gentle nibble. Continue to watch her responses as you run your tongue inside the cup of her ear. While you’re at it, why not whisper something dirty to her in your bedroom voice to add fuel to her fire? 

  1. The Nape of The Neck -The Smoothest One For Kisses

The nape of the neck is another area in a woman’s body, which is often neglected by men. Little do they know that giving this area a great deal of attention is a good and quick way to get her horny. You can of course initiate the whole bedroom story by giving her a tender shoulder massage. While doing that,  a good move would be to work your way up to the nape of her neck with mild feather like touches. If she cranes her neck forward to expose more of it, it is a signal for you that she is loving it already.  Then is the time to bring in the lip work and plant as many kisses and nibbles as you and she wants to set the ball rolling for the rest of the game.  

  1. Abdomen – The Kiss Zone That Sets The Ball Rolling

Men rarely know that a woman’s belly is a play area where they can give their best to satisfy the woman completely. The lower abdomen—particularly the area below the belly button—is home to a network of nerves connected to the vagina. This means that fondling the skin of the abdomen is like “nudging” her vagina into activity. Tease her into submission by planting a gentle kiss, drawing lines and circles with your finger, or signing your name on her belly with the tip of your tongue. 

  1. The Small of Her Back – The Magical Portion of Love

This is the part of the back, which is less fleshy and is just above the base of the spine in the middle. It is home to a bunch of nerve endings that is packed with a lot of sensation, if the guy touches the woman there the right way. This part is definitely not to be ignored. One good way to touch her here is by giving a back massage. Make your girl lie on the stomach and gently run your fingers caressing the area upwards. Make sure that your thumbs are keeping the pressure on the trench of her spine while the rest of your fingers rest on the curve of her waist. Once you’ve revved her engine up, plant a lot of moist kisses right there, and hear her moan with pleasure. 

  1. Inner thigh – The Fleshy Part Which Sexes Her Up

This is identified as a sensuous zone by many men, yet not used completely to make it all worth. Men will have to think of woman’s inner thigh as the switch to the floodgates. Manipulating it can get her wet and excited. You can achieve this by gently caressing her inner thigh with the tips of your fingers, especially the obverse side with the fingernails. Stroke her inner thigh, gently moving upwards near her vagina. This will tease her into a sense of anticipation and she will enjoy the effects as one thing leads to another.

  1. Feet – The Base of The Pleasures

Who doesn’t like a good foot rub or a sensuous massage around feet to relax the entire body. It works like wonders. Then why to leave this part during the most pleasurable act? Women,  have very sensitive feet, especially on the skin near their toes. Exploit this by oiling up your hands and gently pressing the flesh of her soles with an upward motion. You can also use your tongue to tickle the base of her foot while suckling on her toes, to make her go crazy and ready for more.

So honey buns, next time around, when you are between the sheets with your girl, think of it as a journey to explore where you  are out to discover the hidden spots.

Just warm up your hands and pamper the uncultivated terrain of your lady’s erogenous zones. She will love it, and you will not stop on it.

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