These Are Different Types of Female Buttocks and Exercises For Them

Buttocks exercises

Buttocks exercises – The womenfolk can be divided in two categories in terms of their anatomical concern. One is them who are concerned about their bust and the another lot who are concerned about their buttocks.

Those who are concerned about their bust have to forgo the urge of wearing plunging neckline and the other lot have to compromise wearing crop tops because they expose your hip part. Living a life of compromise is not solicited and here under is a complete guide on the workouts you need to do to lose the buttock fat faster. These exercises are simple and you can do them at your home only. You will only need motivation and will power to achieve the eye ball grabbing body:

There are 3 types of female buttocks, square, round, heart shaped and V shaped and the Buttocks exercises are different too to curb the fat cells.

If  you have square buttocks then probably your fat is more distributes around the upper part of your glutes thereby making the bottom part heavier. It is a requirement hence, to strengthen your glutes for which a low fat diet is recommended. You can do these below exercises to bring your square shaped buttocks in shape. If you have round buttocks then fat is mostly accumulated around the gluteal muscles. Heart shaped buttock symbolizes that you have an hourglass shaped body.

Buttocks exercises –

Leg raises:

Leg raises directly attack your glutes and trim down the fat. You can follow the steps in the below video for instruction.


For this, you will be needing a platform to do your step ups, a pair of dumbbells too. you will need to concentrate all your weight in your heels. Follow the video for instructions.

Jumping squats:

Squats are the infallible exercise to lose leg fat. Jump squats may seem difficult in the first few days but as you grow accustomed to it, you can increase the counts that will be very effective. Make sure when you come up from the squat position, you make a serious effort to jump, that too in the highest point. Follow this instructional video.

Sumo Squats:

Sumo squats directly attempt your hamstring muscles. Your legs need to be parallel on the floor and legs in 45 degree angle. Follow the instructional video below

Bulgarian split squat:

Bulgarian split squats are great to build your leg muscles and for this you will need to create a very strong balance in your body. This may look difficult in the first place but then you will slowly get the hang of it.

Mountain climbers:

The fitness enthusiasts swear by mountain climbers because it is the best whole body exercise that one can do. You need to keep the bodyweight in your arms and start ‘running’ or ‘climbing’. Follow the video for instructions.

These Buttocks exercises will give you shapely buttocks in just matter of months and you will take pride on yourself.

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