These Are The Most Dangerous Train Tracks Of World

Dangerous train tracks

Dangerous train tracks – The clanking of tracks and the shuttle of railway bogies, the modest image of a train track crosses our mind.

We have grew up commuting in trains, in fact trains are the easiest and cheapest mode of communication in far-flung places of India. No one has ever been afraid of a train in respect of the numbers of people having phobia in flying. But you will definitely have chills down the spine if you travel through these dangerous railway tracks of the world.

You will be repelled to travelling by train, not exaggerating, after passing through these dangerous train tracks as they would be the most precarious journey you will do by a train:

Dangerous train tracks –

The Devil’s nose, Ecuador:

This rain route operates through Quito to Guarayquil in Ecuador. It is said that at least 2000 workers got killed during the construction of the railway track. The track tears through ravines, forests and rivers but things get dangerous when it comes to the nose.  You will feel like you are falling into an abyss when the track drops about 1,600 feet in about 7.5 miles.

The Pilatus Railway, Switzerland:

The train track is named after the mountain it climbs, scares the passengers out of their wits as being the steepest cogwheel railway in the world. So what if you will be flanked by a gorgeous view, that will appear small before the steepness of the track. To add to your fright, the insanely high winds often blow the carriages off their tracks.

Napier-Gisborne Railway, New Zealand:

During the journey, the train crosses two rickety bridges hence constant supervision is needed to avoid accidents. Sometimes, the trains even part their ways with the  traffic controllers whereby inviting danger.

Tren a las Nubes or Train to the clouds, Argentina:

This is the most apt summary of this Argentine railway track one could ask for. According to Argentina’s tourist board, this is the highest railway which, on the way to the Chilean border, crosses at least 29 bridges and 13 viaducts. You almost see death up, close and personal when the train sits at 207 feet above the ground, curves around 735 feet in length. All you have to do is to close your eyes and leave everything upon god if you are a believer.

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway:

This railway is the highest in the world which connects Xining, in Qinghai, to Lhasa which happens to be a city located at the heart of Tibet. the Tanggula Pass, which is perched at the highest point, the railway reaches a whopping 16,640 feet above sea level. If you are a prospective visitor in Tibet, they will intimate you about this track. The dangerous part of this track is that it has insufficiency of breathable air on that height so the train authority arranges two types of oxygen for the commuters.

Thse are most dangerous train tracks – Only brave hearts can aim to travel through these railway tracks.

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