5 Things Will Start Happening If You Don’t Change Your Razor!

Change Your Razor

Change Your Razor – It is very important to replace your razor with a new one.

People who use the same blade for months can have to deal with an infection later. So, changing razor when the time is right is necessary. Dull or a rusty razor will never provide you an ultimate satisfaction of having smooth and silky skin. I know that there will be many people out there with this particular question – When should I change the razor? Now, let me tell you that it depends on how often you shave i.e. if your hair is thick, then make sure you replace it after seven uses. Well, if you don’t use it often then continue using it only for a month.

Doing so will help you stay out of the infection trouble. You know, changing razor is very important, ‘cause then these things will start bothering you, if you don’t change your razor.

  1. The razor will get covered in bacteria

This is what happens when you use the razor even when it has become totally dull. There are many people who don’t even wash their razors and this becomes a big problem later. These things become problematic ‘cause then the razor gets covered with bacteria, hair etc.

  1. You’ll experience no smoothness

Yes, this is what you’ll experience when you use the old razor for a longer period of time. Well, you’ll also notice, whenever you use the same old razor for shaving, the legs aren’t getting smoothly shaved. Plus, it is also taking a lot of time. So, start using a new one when the time is correct.

  1. Your skin will get covered with red bumps

Do you like red bumps? No, right? Yeah you can hide it wearing long pants, but for how long? I mean, at one point of time, it is going to be uncomfortable for sure. Using dull razor indirectly affects on skin and leaves you with red bumps. So, be careful.

  1. Possibility of scars

Old razors are already dull and you’ve to be little harder while shaving your skin areas. With old razors, you unknowingly put more pressure and then there are chances that you might cut yourself by accident.

This has taken place with many people, so buy a new one before it gets too late.

  1. You will increase the chances of infection

Once the bacteria get into your skin, infection is quite possible. You know, it is very hard to deal with infection once you get trapped into it. So, try to make things right from the start itself.

I hope that now you’ve got an idea about why you must change your razor. Any queries? Comment below.

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