Canteen diaries: When the roomie got drunk!

College teaches you to drink and drunk roomies teach you to have fun!

What’s college life without a bit of drunken fun, eh? For most people, clubbing and getting sloshed begins in college…whether due to peer pressure or because they want to experiment, it’s this institution that teaches you to have fun.

When I was in the second year of college, our class decided to go on an educational tour to New Delhi. Naturally, we were super excited as it was the first time we were going out as a group! It was supposed to be a 3-day affair with the 3rd day dedicate for sightseeing and masti.  Initial days were educational and entertaining, but it was the third day that really made this trip memorable. My darling roomie, who was dating a guy based in Delhi that time (she is getting married to him next year), decided to get a couple of drinks with him. I was going to ber her buffer if our tour instructor dropped by.

She started getting ready from evening itself as she was way too happy to meet her beau. I was helping her with her dress and hair and it was a total fun evening as we played ‘dress up’ by rummaging through her luggage. Finally, she chose a classy LBD and nude pumps for her date and gave me a massive hug before strutting out of the room. I was quite excited myself, what with an entire room to myself…I ordered for comfort food (read junk) and was enjoying some ‘me time’. It was around midnight when I heard footsteps and I rushed to meet my roomie as I wanted to know everything about her night!

And that’s when the fun started…instead of being buzzy, she was sloshed out of her mind. Her pumps were gone, her hair was disheveled and her purse was missing. She was puking all over the room and was making strange noises that were scaring the hell out of me. As I was trying to calm her down, she started hitting me and screamed out something that went, ‘I am going blind, dude. Get a doctor. I am blind!’ Instead of helping her, I was doubling up with laughter as it was just too funny to watch her act dumb.

She kept on yelling about going blind and I was not helping her at all. I was busy filming her great act and only when she fell down due to exhaustion did I fetch her some lime juice! Ah, what a day. Thanks to my video skills (ha!), I still have it on record and we embarrass her on her birthday…even now!

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