Who Is Responsible For Making Most Of The Bollywood Actresses Dumb? The Secret Is Out!

Why Bollywood Actresses Are Dumb! – It is about the new actresses who try to woo Salman Khan either through some reality show or otherwise. They get to work with him and turn out to be real dumb!

Bollywood is not known for great thinking and intellectual kind of actresses.

In more than 100 years of its history, there are hardly a few heroines who have gained respect as thinking performers. Most have been tagged as just sexy, hot or glamorous divas.

We don’t know about yesteryear actresses, but in today’s times, the reason for many of the upcoming actresses looking real dumb has been finally found.

That is not an environment related issue or something in the food or air, but a living soul who has single-handedly provided the film-industry with some really intellectually-challenged actresses.

The name of such a kind-hearted soul (at least for those actresses!!) is Salman Khan!

Well, don’t look at us like that!

We are serious.

Salman is not dumb or idiot. In fact he is really smart and knows how to work his charm on his loyal fans and followers. That’s why he knows what to offer his gullible audiences which they will lap up without even thinking twice. Just that in the process, the actresses he brings with him on screen are a big let down!

The biggest offering from Sallu bhai is none other than Katrina Kaif! She is a total external package, from inside, nothing to offer!

Apart from Kat, Salman helped girls like Daisy Shah (who??) and Sana Khan (who and again who??) in his movie Jai ho! The movie flopped big time, but then the viewers were made to bear the girls’ stupid acts for way too long. In the same way, many of Salman’s friends or favourites are given a choice to participate in the reality game show, Bigg Boss; prime examples being Mehak Chahal or Elli Avaram or many more.

These girls may look like a million bucks, but none of them seem to have the intellect or talent to break into the big league!

No wonder, such wannabe actresses are never seen wooing intelligent actors like Aamir Khan or the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan! Both these Khans are known to work with super-talented A-league actresses who make sure that the audiences’ receive a bang for their buck! So why is Salman such a dumb-chic-magnet?

Well, we may never know! May be these plain stupid girls feel that since Salman is an eligible bachelor, they can flirt with him, get in his good books and use the poor soul to ride the stairs of success pretty easily! Alas, how mistaken they are! It is the other way round actually. Sallu bhai smartly uses these girls’ glam quotient to make his flicks more beautiful since he knows that he won’t b requiring their non-existing brain anyways! Just that in his noble effort, Bollywood has to bear these girls’ idiotic presence tad more and in the process some more talented and deserving girls don’t get a chance!

Hope Salman changes his tactics, makes more sensible and super-entertaining movies while casting some terrific actresses, both acting and looks wise!

Awaiting some change in Bollywood!

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