What Do You Know About India’s Richest Young Cricketer?

richest young cricketer

Aryaman Birla one of India’s richest young cricketer who followed his passion instead of reining the Aditya Birla groups. At an early age, he was interested in playing cricket now wins to play in Ranji Trophy from Madhya Pradesh 2018. At the age of 23, Aryaman looks forward to staying in cricket rather than moving into his family business. He is the young and richest cricket player of India with a motivation to play instead of being the heir of his empire.

Being the son of the billionaire industrialist, Kumar Mangalam Birla he is studying to complete his graduation from the University of Mumbai.

richest young cricketer

Career Debut From Madhya Pradesh

His memorable beginning was after the Rajasthan Royals with the IPL auction. It was when he made the maiden century in 2018. After which he was selected for the Rajasthan Royals in 2020. This is another achievement of the richest cricketer playing for his passion. At an early age, he has begun to start his training for playing professionally. Now he is the left-handed batsman that planted him in the Madhya Pradesh cricket team to play the Ranji Trophy.

The strength of passion works higher than the power of money. This young batsman has proven by giving up his billionaire position and struggle to find his dreams. Work hard on his dreams and passion to become a left-handed batsman and play cricket. The richest young cricketer of India has stepped on to gather his position as one of the best Indian cricket players.

Life of the richest young cricketer, Aryaman

Though he was into the Rajasthan Royals from 2020 the pandemic has done loss to all domestic and international sports and games. Cricket has not been forgiven, almost one year of drawback has been in the career of each sportsman. Mostly for the newcomers and the players the pandemic has to worsen their expectations.

Aryaman was born in 1997 in the month of July, in the family of the Aditya Birla groups. It is a company with a Net worth of 70 thousand crores, one of the leading industries of India. Most successors want to take over the business which is already a huge empire. But the young mind was least interested into succeeding and taking over the position of inboard of directors. Rather he struggled to find his position in Indian cricket. Beginning with the domestic cricket in 2018, he has still a long path to go.

Break from Cricket

After years of hard work and dedication, it is now a sad part of his journey that he is suffering from anxiety. He is trying to recover from the bad times to strengthen his confidence. As a player, he mentioned his passion to play and carry forward his responsibilities as a batsman on the ground. The richest young cricketer, Aryaman love to flourish in the world of cricket. So, it is necessary to develop his mindset and recover from his weaknesses to play long in the field of Indian cricket.

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