Miraculous Benefits Of Colour Therapy

Colour therapy

Colour therapy – Colours play a vital role in your lives and so is chromotherapy, better known as colour therapy. Indubitably, the humans falls under the category of those creature who could not only differentiate between the varying wavelengths of light, but also are capable to identify them.

Not all are fortunate enough, in that case. Talking about colour therapy, it helps in stimulating or balancing the body chakras. Each colour has a significant  relation with the chakras, such as Violet colour is associated with Crown chakra, Indigo is with Brow chakra, Blue with Throat chakra, Green with Heart chakra, Yellow with Solar Plexus, Orange with Sacral and Red with Base chakra. To experience the miraculous benefits, try:


Associated with vitality, cheerfulness and happiness, try using yellow colour, which according to researchers, improvise your memory and helps remembering things. You can also add a mix of orange and  yellow to lit up your mood and helps imparting the vibes to the people around you.

Colour therapy


Without any second thought, human mind relates green colour with nature and serenity. Go green, to relax your mind and get that comfy feel. Walking bare feet on fresh green grass thus not only helps in clear vision but also to calm your pressurised mind and stressed body.

Colour therapy


If you are linking red colour with aggression, then add confidence and sense of alert to it as well. This is the reason why if you are planning to buy your gym outfits or the one you prefer wearing while exercising  you should never doubt on red, it helps improvising your performance.

The mix of red and black will always pave the way when comes to bold and confident, while alone black gives a sense of power and sophistication.

Colour therapy


Peaceful and soothing, yet not a good option when comes to design your working space. Besides white, pastels are also an effective tool to opt for tranquility. 


Creativity is the key when comes to blue and so is focus. It helps you to experiment with things around. Keep in mind, for cutlery, use blue if you want to check your overeating habits.

Colour therapy


The most loved and loving, pink, the colour of romance, something you are familiar with, is also soothing and heart pleasing.

Colour therapy

Besides these, there are myriads of other options to opt, even their tints and shades differ, though it could be a minute difference.

Colour therapy

Colours, from the time you first blinked your eyes to the time they stop responding, your eyes are exposed to a wide range of colours. Believe me, it’s more than those fifty shades of grey. Color therapy is in no way an alternative to the medical therapy you are prescribed or suggested to follow, but an approach to attain holistic development with no real pain. Noting, you create memory with each colour you see and thus add some in your favourites. Though with the passage of time, the list even gets updated based on the situations you faced and are in.

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