Color Psychology: What Your Favorite Color Reveals About Your Personality?

Color Psychology

“Color Psychology”

Your favorite color reveals a lot more about you than you ever think. It reveals the way you carry yourself to present in front of the world and your strengths too. In short, it says about your behavioural and emotional character.

To be honest; color psychology is not just a fun thing to do but you’ll see it’s like a mirror.

And note- not just the color you like but the color you dislike the most will reveal your weakness.

I bet this color psychology will totally impress and astonish you.

So, read below and find out what your favorite color reveals about your personality:

  1. BLUE

You sacrifice a lot for about and you’re very loyal towards others. Your personality says that you’re simply confident and also thinking before acting up anything is the best part about you.

You’re very careful and to the person who will marry you will live happy as well. You’re simply “One of a kind” and “trustworthy” character.

  1. RED

Red is often said to be the color of love and danger. Right? If you love red then you’re very adventurous and passion-able person. In short; you fight for what you like and love the most.

You also judge other people and theirs aggressiveness in you as well. But in the end, you live life to the fullest.


Yellow is a very beautiful color and for the people who love this color; you’ve a logical mind. Your logicality makes you an intelligent person and that’s what attracts people the most.

You’re also very energetic to try new things every-time.


You’re very easy-going and someone who can impress others easily. Especially in terms of making friends you stand first. You love taking challenges in life and whatever result comes out it hardly disappoints you.

  1. BLACK

No wonder; in terms of favorite color black receives the highest vote. Those who love black are said to be very moody and they prefer darkness a lot. You’re also very charming and pack of determination lies in you.

  1. WHITE

This is the most positive personality and all the white-lovers seek for peacefulness. The best part is even though you’re a loner; you prefer handling it on your own terms. ‘You’re independent and that’s what makes people respect you even more.

  1. GREY

You have a cool personality and even though you’re lack creativity; the fact never upsets you. You’re a bit of independent and a well-balanced character.

  1. GREEN

You appreciate everything around but you do what’s certainly best for you. You’re kind, lovable and a down-to-earth person. Apart from fighting for yourself; you take risk for others as well.

You are a person who doesn’t like when people lectures you.

  1. PINK

You’re a care-taker and you take risk as well. No matter what; you can’t stand others pain and that’s what makes you generous and loving.

You give a lot and protecting others is like an absolute responsibility. Yeah and you’re very calm and make others feel safe and sound.

  1. BROWN

You’ve a very genuine personality. It also reflects a kind, confident and hard-working person. You’re not out-going and prefer living in your small world.

You believe honesty is the best policy and your persona is exactly like that- honest. The love of family matters the most rather than any money related things.


For all the purple lovers- You’re selfish and you run from taking responsibilities. You’re full of energy and you don’t like people giving you suggestions. It’s all because you’re full of dreams and you do what you feel is the best thing to do.

Other’s opinions are always neglected by you.

Any thoughts about color psychology? Leave a comment below.

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