Being A Girl In Mid Twenties In India

being a girl

Being a girl – If you’re a girl, and an Indian, you’ll know what I am talking about here.

In a country where more than sixty percent of the population is under the age of thirty five, most women are still defined by one major life event- marriage. Why? Because our elders and relatives, whom we don’t remember meeting ever our lives, are worried about our future.

We, women of the twenty first century believe in equality of the sexes; which is why I am expressing my opinion on the generalising of a girl, being a girl in her mid twenties, in India.

Being A Girl in her mid twenty in India –

1. What do you mean when you say ‘the right age to marry’

When I was in the final year of my graduation, I heard my father’s second cousin, who is apparently my aunt and one of my well wishers, tell him that it’s time he starts looking for a guy. I love my father for the reaction he gave, but Buaji let me tell you that just because your daughter was married at 21, doesn’t mean that I don’t have plans for myself. So, before you assume that I am of marriageable age, I want you to know my future plans.

2. What is the ‘right’ age

Okay. So, my elder cousin is twenty seven, next in line is the one who is twenty four, and then it’s me, twenty one. Apparently, all of us fall in this-is-the-right-age-to-marry category. Also, just because a girl is twenty seven and is not married, does not mean that she has been rejected a number of times. Maybe, she loves her life, the way it is.

3. I am just outspoken. Not a rebel. 

Just because I discuss my plans frankly with my parents, doesn’t mean that I am a rebel. Afterall, they have invested their savings for my future. And even if I don’t, does that mean I am clueless? Hell no. But, others out there have a problem with me speaking and me keeping things to myself. Brilliant!

4. Unhappy at work has nothing to do with marriage 

I may not be quite happy with my work and may even crib about it every now and then. But that does not mean that I need a life partner to make me love my work. I love coming home at ungodly hours. I love my spa sessions and foodie expeditions. I wear shorts and roam around in the house, even when my parents are around. So, no I don’t need a husband, but I need to go on a vacation.

Being A Girl – Is life only about finding the right guy and walking down the aisle? What about our goals and dreams? We love our parents and respect our elders. But now that they took that pain to educate us and make us realise our dreams, why not wait till I fulfill at least half of them.

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