Mariah Carey’s Lucky Dogs Don’t Know A Dog’s Life!

Mariah Carey spent a fortune on giving her dogs a luxurious vacation. Right from their own private plane to luxurious hotel stay, private chefs and what not! Money talks and how!

First things first, make sure your dogs don’t read this article!

That is if they can read at all! And if they can’t, don’t try to boast off your knowledge in front of them by sharing this news!

They might get doomed in depression or they might be forced to rebel against you. 

Both scenarios are not good for your well-being!

Okay, it is about great Hollywood singer and diva, Mariah Carey and her army of dogs.

Unlike us average citizens of the world who know how to keep a pet, but are unaware about taking care of them properly; Mariah is a very caring owner. She realizes that her dogs are living beings as well and they do need vacations from time to time to rejuvenate themselves. This way they can bark properly, wiggle their tails in a good form, lick her face in just right angles when she comes home and do much more!

Did we ever think like this? Nah, guess we aren’t good souls!

Anyways, since her dogs have to endure so much of stress being semi-celebrities themselves, Mariah decided they needed some celeb-styled holiday too. That’s why she is spending, hold your breath, 1,15,000 pounds on their exotic super-luxurious vacation! Her eight dogs will be flying in a private jet to the UK to stay in a luxury dog Hotel.

As per the sources, they will be washed, groomed, taken for day trips, will be able to sleep in their own hotel beds and a special chef will be feeding them some super delicious personalized meals! Not just any meal, it will be based on a menu personally selected by 44year old Mariah herself!

Now this is called some royal treatment!

As much as your eyes are still popped out of your sockets, we are equally dazed out by this piece of information. However it isn’t new for Mariah who has a personal fortune of 290 million pounds! She is known to spend at least 28000 pounds per year on her pooches just for their grooming.

Wondering how many families can be fed with that kind of money in a third-world country?

Don’t bother! It won’t make any difference as these are times when the life of a dog is really precious. We humans are just too much in numbers to be really bothered about anyways!

Well, let’s hope the dogs do enjoy this little outing specially organized by their gorgeous owner.

In case they don’t, they just might have to look at her with their innocent puppy eyes! Boom! Her heart will melt and she might arrange another exotic vacation for them, in another country perhaps! 

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