Beauty Rules You Need To Stick to in Your 20s

Beauty rules – In your 20s, you are more vulnerable to skin problems because due to your busy college/office schedule, you are more exposed to Sun and hence the harmful rays of the Sun take a toll on your skin.

Drained from the whole day’s toil, we ignore our skin which is criminal. The problems start to surface when you approach your late 20s and your skin becomes a prey to advanced wrinkles.

Besides, a healthy skin is your asset and you can turn heads with a measly make-up in a party if your skin is healthy from inside and glowing from outside.

Here are some quick reminders of the beauty rules that you should stick to when in your 20s to avert skin problems:

Beauty rules to be followed –

1. You should not sleep with your make-up on:

Most of the times, when we come back from a party, we sleep with our make-up on because we are too tired to take it off. The beauty experts and Bollywood divas too opine against it for obvious reasons. It bears a lot of adversities however tempting it looks to sleep the whole make-up on. Taking off your make-up before hitting the bed is advisable for all ages, not only in your 20s.

2. Use soft cotton buds to take off the make-up:

No matter how pricey is the make-up, they contain some harmful chemicals that plague your skin’s health. So as to give your skin the much needed comfort, you should rather opt for soft cotton buds that are widely available in the market. Just soak the bud with some cleansing milk or make-up remover and wipe the make-up off in gentle motions.

3. Pay attention around the area of your eyes:

In your 20s, you are faced with myriad reasons to go sleepless for nights, maybe it’s the break-up or work or partying through the night. Whatever be the case, they entail dark circles FTW. Hence, you need to use a good dark circle removing cream around the eyes to avert the puffiness, crow’s feet and dark circles that even make-up can’t hide.

4. Keep your skin hydrated:

There is a plethora of options available across the market that promises you to keep your skin hydrated. A hydrated skin is the answer to flakiness and hence you need to choose those products wisely. There are moisturizers and skin-repairing serums available, you will only need to take your pick.

5. Drink plenty of fluid:

It is advisable to drink water aplenty to show skin problems the door. Maybe only investing in good hydrating creams won’t suffice, you need to load up on fluids to supply nutrition to your skin.

6. Wear minimal make-up:

Natural is beautiful and simple is graceful. We all adore make-up so stalk the social media make-up trends and those advocated by the beauty vloggers. In that bargain, sometimes we even lose control. It is always an imperative to detoxify your skin and you need to go make-up free for a day or two for that.

7. Don’t experiment too much with different cosmetics:

We are all make-up Einsteins and take no qualms in experimenting with newest fads. But you need to know which product suits you the best and you are not allergic to. You could end up ruining your hair or skin texture in this deal whatsoever.

8. Sunscreen is your bae:

As mentioned earlier, Sun causes the maximum damage in your skin but we dodge the sunscreens in the fear of feeling icky. But there are water based moisturizers that you can totally own to incorporate its benefits on your skin. Also, don’t forget to use a SPF based lip-balm to safeguard your lips.

These are the Beauty rules to be followed –  We urge you to follow these rules to retain the balance in your skin. If you ignore your skin and hair in your 20s, you will have to bear the brunt of ageing sooner than you ever expe

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