Are You Capable Enough To Be A Leader?

To be a Leader

To be a Leader – Many of us feel like they are not meant to do job and employment seems too offbeat for them. Another option is yes of course – the start-up.

Well! Not to let you down but how often have you thought about it. Just because a job is not your cup of tea, you think to have a business would. No! that’s not the point!

Let us discuss it one by one.

Job satisfaction

Nobody is nowadays and that is completely understood. Some of us are qualified to be someone else but are working on something else. Willing or unwilling that we are not discussing right now.

You are not satisfied with you job and this statement could have infinite reasons. It could be your personal life hurdles, you are not capable enough, a position is not worth, office politics, you are lazy and this and that.

First, if you want to open a start-up because of these reasons, stop now and think again. If you continuously try to escape from things like this, you cannot win. For instance, if you cannot handle office politics how can handle big things when you have your own start-up. These are just itsy-bitsy kind of hurdles.

What can you do?

How do you analyze things?

Go check your superiors and think if after a few years you want to be on their positions and would be happy. Saying no could have reasons like you don’t like him/her personally, no respect, no work ethics and so on. If the answer is no, think to quit but have something in your mind before that. I am not saying to not risk because risk factor is important too but at least have your plan near to perfect.

Apart from professional life, we always try to not mix our personal frustrations to our employer or colleagues. However, there are outbursts sometimes we can see in the office too. Make sure you have the potential and patience to carry it well.

Leaders have bulk elements in one moment and making them succeed is a true leadership quality.

You gotta handle employees, partners, compromise and adjust which you cannot do at job position would be so casual that days. So, you need to learn yourself to be a good listener but when you speak it has to be only you.

There has to be a social objective

Business, money and profit is one side and having a social objective is another. Be it a techie app for mobile or maybe a real estate plan, thinking of welfare fo the society is logical enough. It is the only objective that keeps you going and that lasts long. Your mission and vision of the company can change in a long run but this will only grow bigger and stronger.

You must have seen issues and concerns in your own society for which you want to build up a business to cure or to remove the hurdles completely. Or maybe if you have a business proposal right now, think how could it be useful to common people or to your target audience. But, whenever you try to capture the target audience, alternatively you need to think of everyone as your target audience. This will ultimately give you a goal and purpose for your future endeavours.

To be a Leader

Take a break before

Before you start, take a little break from your life, go on for a vacation and just enjoy your heart out. Open yourself to new opportunities, meet new people, discuss life and do something which you are longing for. It will definitely give you a spirit to go further and achieve your dreams.

To be a Leader

To be a Leader – Try to skill-up yourself because everybody knows their flaws. You should eliminate your flaws and shift them to a positive side. To be a Leader, go meet people and explore and expose yourself. Sitting in a room and planning for a bright future doesn’t work always. You have a life another side as well which is important. Every life, spirit, and person in your life is important. You want to be a leader, start living your life. The leader is an idol body for others to look up to him/her as not perfect but a live person.

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