Women May Rule The Frontlines of UK Military Forces By The End of 2016!

women in british army

On one side when, in our very own  nation, we are still struggling with women safety and security issues, there is another country which has decided to deploy women forces to provide security on the borders.

Yes, this is true!

As a huge decision under the biggest shakeup of the UK Military forces, it has offered an allowance to women troops to fight on the frontline!

Women may rule the frontlines of UK military forces.

David William Donald Cameron, the youngest British Prime Minister, has asked the UK Ministry of Defence to be ready to welcome women into close warfare roles by the end of 2016.

We wholeheartedly applaud this move, which will give the women forces a new high and many opportunities to prove their worth. While presenting his statement, Cameron also said  “The defense secretary Michael Fallon, and I are united in wanting to see all roles in our armed forces opened up to women in 2016. We’ve already lifted a number of barriers in our armed forces with the introduction of female submariners and women reaching the highest ranks in all services. We should finish the job next year and open up ground combat roles to women.” (Verbatim)

There is a prequel to the whole story. This move was initiated when in December 2014, a review paper was published about the UK Armed Forces and it projected women warriors as bright prospects. Yet, there are many physical and psychological demands that need to be met for the women performing ground war roles at the frontline, on which a research is already underway. The initial report of this research work will be delivered somewhere in the mid 2016.

The brighter side is that, many other countries jumped into the band wagon and decided to open up all the army positions for women, including the forefront and ground combat roles. The nations included in this are Australia and US.

While in UK, with ample PM involvement, women troops are already under training for the ground roles and they are more than likely to be ready by Autumn of 2016. Government is putting in the efforts and investing huge sum into the physical and psychological training of the female army troops to ensure that they are ready to perform the newer roles with equaled enthusiasm and vigor!

As of now, women forces constitute only 10% of the entire military manpower! But with the current scenario of all the roles being open to women, it is likely to have a substantial increase in the numbers. The new changes would predominantly apply to the roles in the infantry, Royal Marines, Royal Armored Corps and the Royal Air Force Regiment.

UK Shadow Defense Secretary, Maria Eagle, said “The government must do more to ensure that the armed forces better reflect the society they serve. This would mark a vital step towards achieving this goal and would bring us into line with many of the UK’s allies, many of whom have a more equal gender balance in their forces. With recruitment having stalled, ministers need to get on with delivering more flexible career options for those interested in joining the services.” (Verbatim)

We congratulate you Maria Eagle on such a powerful statement. We need more people like you to save the world.

Well, as the story goes, we the women of Indian subcontinent are waiting for a similar step from our ministries followed by rigorous training of the troops so that an elevated number of women can feel empowered and secure enough!

We desperately need to see a change somewhere, the sooner the better!

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