Are Slot Machines A Game Of Luck Or Math?

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With the commercial leap that the online gambling industry has witnessed recently, its honesty and transparency have always been a matter of discussion. Online gamblers from India and all over the world always wonder whether their skill or luck is what matters when they play at an online casino.

Well, games based on cards, like poker or blackjack, require different levels of skills along with luck, which is always important when you play at any land-based or online casino. Card game players use math in one way or another to raise their winning chances and earn more money, but what about slots? Do they require any kind of skill?

Slot machines are considered the most popular option at any land-based or online casino. Both online and land-based casino gamblers prefer slots over other casino games because slots are enjoyable and easy to play. They don’t require any special skills or expertise; however, some key factors might affect your overall payouts.

In this article, we will cover some factors that might turn your luck into skill while playing slot machines.

House Edge

As our expert, Ram Rao Oak, states here, winning at slot machines mostly depends on luck, but players could follow some strategies and techniques to lower what is called the house edge. Oak explains the “House Edge” term as the casino’s average advantage from each game that gamblers play. In other words, the higher the house edge, the lower your payout.

The way that house edge is calculated is straightforward. For example, if the house edge is set at 3%, it indicates that players lose 3% on average for each wager they make. We could say that this term is more or less related to table games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and other games, which are all available at the best online casino in India. 


RTP or Return to Player percentage is another casino-related concept that is more attached to slot machines than house edge. RTP is considered the basic parameter for any slot machine and defines the expected percentage of money that returns to the player as prizes while playing a specific game.

Typically, players are perplexed by the concepts of house edge and RTP. While both terms are different in meaning, they are closely related to each other in reverse. Back to our previous example, if casino games’ house edge is at 3%, then their RTP will be 97% and vice versa.

How could RTP affect your slot machine choice and payouts?

You can choose the games with a high RTP percentage while looking for the best online casino india to raise your payout chances. The information about the RTP percentage of each game is in the game info section. It’s highly recommended to check your favourite slot machine’s RTP before starting to play.


Volatility is another concept that might define your overall winning rate when choosing the next slot machine to play. The volatility rate is either high or low. High volatility slots give you the chance to win a large amount of money, but on rare occasions, while low volatility slots allow you to win less often.

The volatility concept is different from RTP since both high and low volatility slots might have the same RTP percentage.


Everyone loves bonuses. They are the fruits of the online gambling experience and one of the ways that help casinos to increase traffic. Bonuses might define the overall amount of money you get from playing slot machines. While choosing an Indian online casino, check the bonus features that your chosen slots offer. Some slots offer you multipliers, free spins, and many more, depending on the slot machine themes.

Multipliers, for example, include x2, x3, and x5 that multiply the payout by whatever the symbol is on the pay line. Similarly, free spins, as the name explains, give the player a chance to have a number of free chances to spin the reels. It is worth mentioning that free spins will be at the same bet amount that triggered the bonus.


Finally, whether they are based on luck or math, slot machines are fun. They will remain online gamblers’ first choice in India and all over the world. Paying attention to the above-mentioned factors might increase your chances, but honestly, in slots, nothing is guaranteed. Have fun, gamble responsibly within your budget limits and experience the excitement of spinning the reels.

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