These 6 Reasons Will Explain Why You Must Not Be Too Picky While Dating!

picky while dating

Picky while dating ?

There are many who have a sort of made up their mind while looking for someone to date. Well, you must have done this too.

And, little do you know? These expectations sometimes act like a major drawback factor.

You need to understand that one “picky quality” doesn’t define the entire person. In the end all that you need is someone who loves you, cares for you, makes you feel comfortable and  the one who truly understands you. Agree?

But still, many aren’t ardent on this and later the ‘selectiveness’ turns out to be an absolute debacle in time.

Therefore these reasons will explain you in a better way; what exactly it will lead to when you’re just too picky while dating.

  1. Dissatisfaction

One can say dissatisfaction in a relationship is just another word for being painfully hurt. Yes, dissatisfaction is what you might face if you get into a relation just because of your partner’s one good quality that exists in him.

You should know that his/her one good quality will satisfy you at one point but the other way around you will be left displeased. And, this is exactly not what you need. Right?

  1. Something is missing

Suppose you are dating your partner only because he is a banker or other choices then let me tell you it’s not great as it looks like. As I mentioned- in the end its love that matters a lot and thus money just can’t buy the love you deserve. This feeling is one of the hardest to deal with.

  1. Wastage of time

Being into a relationship is totally a good thing; but don’t you think your pickiness is kind of your selfishness? Well, you certainly don’t want to waste a time and then set a bad example for you. Right?

  1. Overconfidence

We all must’ve come across this saying that overconfidence is just too bad. Sometimes being too picky builds an overconfidence in you that leads in creating other must-have list for every particular item.

It’s not wrong in having an expectation; but outlook for a girl/guy like “she/he should be tall or say she/he should be rich” and stuff like that can bring loss. And, by mistakenly even if you come across such things it makes you overconfident about other things as well.

  1. Money/ Look’s isn’t everything

Yeah! I know you must’ve come across this one too. But, the fact that it’s correct makes it lively. If you’re too picky on the basis of this then you know where exactly it can/might lead you in the end.

  1. Expectation is the only last thing that breaks you

Once you’ve been there and done that and if it turns out to be unsatisfactorily then your expectation is the only thing at last that breaks you completely.

It happens a lot that while being too picky while dating we forget the flaws in our-self. Yes, you heard it right and that’s how it is. Well, in the end when you learn your lesson; it makes you feel like it’s just too late now for everything.

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