Play Office Politics! But Play It Clean And Win The Game HANDSDOWN!

How to play office politics – Office politics is a game which is played by one and all, despite being hated to the core. For those who wish to be quiet players and beat all, here are a few win win strategies.

Pick any executive from any company in the whole of Corporate India and interview them about the pitfalls of their job.

The answer will not be devoid of the term which seems to be the hero of any professional discussion; “Office Politics”.

Well, it is true that no matter where you work, who your colleagues, bosses or subordinates are, what rapport you share with them, there always will be an underlying battle for power and influence going on.

And since there is no way to escape the phenomenon, it is better you be a part of it, not just a part, be the master of it, but with a POSITIVE OUTLOOK!

I am going to share a few workable strategies that can help you to play the dirty game of office politics with a clean and winsome approach, and be a conqueror all the way.

Accept The Situation And Adapt A Flexible Mindset

Just like the outside world, people in the organisations are different too. They have varied methods to understand, relate and communicate. That is where office politics originate from. It is largely based on the differences and speckled aspirations. If you accept this fact and begin not to take it very personally and take it as just a part of being in the organisation, you will initiate more positive relationships with your work-mates and it will be easy for you to handle the game like a pro.



Do Not Compromise With Your Work Under Any Situation

If you are good at your job, know your work and are striving to do what is right for the business and organisation thereof, it will not be difficult to come out ahead of the rest. After all, who’s going to argue with you if you have a sound plan and are undertaking an effort that will make the company more successful or profitable? This approach is also likely to receive praise from peers and accolades from your bosses. Be a smart and fully equipped player.



Have A Problem Solving Approach

We cannot deny that we all face challenging situations in life those are not likeable. There is no fun running away from them. Learn to handle such situations, rather than complaining and lamenting about them. Targeting such tricky occurrence  with a problem solving approach will make sure that you go to the core of the problem, work on it, and resolve it eventually. The bonus here will be that you will emerge as a problem solver among your peers in the office and will not be targeted unnecessarily at mundane office politics.



Have A Neutral Outlook Towards All Especially During A Conflict

It is unlikely that your work-mates will not have a conflict. Offices are the hubs of differences and disagreements. Although, it may be difficult to favour your trusted mate when the actual troublemaker is geared to show some action and create bumps, yet, try and be neutral. If you are embroiled in the situation, be calm. Remember that you have to act as a problem solver. And a good problem solver is the one who doesn’t take sides. This will ensure you are liked by one and all. Less games will be thrown towards you.



Give Them Their Due

Learn to give what your colleagues deserve rightfully. Your subordinates can very well do with a pat on their back when they perform good. Appreciate wholeheartedly and extend a helping hand to bring them forward. Help them appear good, even in adverse situations when someone would not leave a chance to degrade the other. This will help you reserve a similar treatment for self in similar situations. To your seniors, give a sign that you need their guidance at every step. Approach them for the right advice while taking important decisions or seek counsel off and on. Such harmless ego-boosters injected at the right time will help you remain in the A list of the management segment of the organisation. Bonus: you will actually be learning a tip or two from your seniors who have reached the positions after fighting the office politics.



 Create Win-win Solutions

When faced with a difficult situation in the workplace that is threatening to create World War III, why not try to approach the problem from a different point of view. With the help of your “enemy” look for a solution that will allow both of you to get what you want. Be the partners in crime, look good, and play the game together, not against each other, but, for each other. If you are able to do this, this would be a very bittersweet victory for you.


Well guys, you may or may not like office politics, but it is there for sure. If you want a successful career for self, you better learn the game, and learn it well. Be a sensible pro at the game and come out as a winner!

Take a deep breath and get going you go-getter!

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