Red Velvet Is Not Just A Piece Of Cake!

Around the world many food experts are experimenting and infusing red velvet flavour in different preparations. Take a look at 5 dishes that blend well with this exotic essence…

One exotic flavour that I usually end up picking from a cake shop is red velvet! According to me, red velvet cake is one of the most delectable foods because of the delicious and eye-catching layers of red cake covered in creamy white icing.

If you are a Nigella Lawson fan, you must have definitely seen the perfect red velvet cake with a thick, sweet swirl of cream cheese icing. The sponge that she makes is moist and squishy, yet robust enough to hold its own under an extravagant load of full-fat frosting. And as glamorous as they appear, they are simple to make too.

Hold on, red velvet is just not only about cakes and pastries. Do you know that this rich flavour can blend with many other food items? Around the world many food experts are experimenting and infusing red velvet flavour in different preparations. Take a look at 5 food dishes that would taste super yum in red velvet flavour.. 

Red Velvet Ice cream


Rich, red velvet cake flavored ice cream is elegantly paired with cream cheese frosting flavoured ice cream and red velvet cake pieces. Blue Bunny and Ben & Jerry’s offer luscious red velvet cake ice cream with pieces of red velvet cake and a cream cheese icing swirl.

Red Velvet Iced Tea



At Dunkin they served an interesting iced tea which as a kick of red velvet flavour. This is way different from the regular lemon and peach iced tea served at fast food joints or cafes. It is again a drink that will mesmerise your eyes.

Red Velvet Cookie


Many pastry chefs are popularising red velvet cookie on social media. It can be noted that this kind of cookie is heavy but can make you experience foodgasm. This red cookie can be stored for a long time and is not very difficult to bake.

Red Velvet Chicken Fingers


Image a red coating filled with melted and herbed chicken! I am sure you must be drooling if you love chicken. Red Velvet Chicken Fingers can be impressive if it is plated well. This high calorie starter if made perfectly will be absolutely finger licking good!  

Red Velvet Chocolate Bar


Chocolate actually goes well with a lot of interesting essence. If you are someone who prefers pastries or cakes over chocolate then Red Velvet Chocolate Bar is something you should grab soon. Unfortunately not many popular confectionery brands have introduced this but I am sure if they do it will sure it will be a huge hit.

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